Camera’s Size & Performance Proves a Winner Among Filmmakers

Wayne, NJ (October 31, 2006) — Director/Producer/Writer, Robert Lynn successfully pulls off the longest continuous shot in American film history, Adrenaline, using a JVC Professional GY-HD100U. Adrenaline is a suspense/thriller about an ordinary man, Chris Thompson (played by David Alford), whose life is turned upside down when an unseen antagonist takes control of his car’s satellite assistance service. After he learns the man behind the voice has kidnapped his daughter, Chris is forced to commit one dangerous act after another, putting innocent lives in harm’s way.

Shot on a limited budget, Lynn chose the GY-HD100U because he and his crew wanted to shoot in 24p. They also needed a camera that was compact and easy enough for the crew to maneuver quickly and easily to follow the main actor in an out of the car throughout the entire 90-minute shoot.

“No other camera was small enough to allow our crew to shoot through the window of a car,” said Lynn. “We were able to capture such close-ups and quickly and easily follow the lead actor in and out of the SUV. Because the camera is so light, the crew was able to smoothly pass it back and forth. Throughout the entire shoot, the camera and audio crew moved as one, without the audience ever knowing.”

“Robert Lynn is the embodiment of today’s most sophisticated independent producers. By using the JVC GY-HD100U camcorder and Focus Enhancements hard disk recorder, Robert had incorporated the latest in existing 24p technology that enabled him to make the production possible, efficiently and affordably without any compromises,” said Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager, Creation Products, JVC Professional Products Company. “Today, Robert as well as all cinematographers have the capability of producing high definition native progressive HDV720 24p films on JVC ProHD camcorders with the ability to record upwards of 8 hours on a DR-HD100 ProHD hard disk recorder and be able to natively incorporate the HD material into the Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 system as well as other compatible non-linear editing platforms. This combination completes a native progressive 24p workflow in high definition with the efficiency and affordability of traditional DV editing. Robert is a true pioneer in independent digital filmmaking, and JVC is extremely pleased with his revolutionary accomplishments.”

Lynn shot Adrenaline in one take because he thought it was the best way to capture the audience. “Telling the story in one take shows the actor’s life in real time and by throwing the audience into the action it provides a more suspenseful impact,” said Lynn. “The GY-HD100U’s interchangeable lens was one of the deciding factors as to why we went with the camera. We used a wide-angle Fujinon lens to capture the extreme close-ups of the actor’s facial expressions.”

According to Lynn, the GY-HD100U’s auto iris was another key feature that allowed them to successfully capture smooth action shots. “It’s amazing, but you don’t even notice the motion of camera crew getting in and out the SUV and the windows. This is a huge accomplishment. With JVC’s camera we were able to shoot in really confined spaces. We wouldn’t have been able to pull it off it we didn’t have this camera. The footage was flawless.”

Adrenaline has been picked up for distribution by Romar Entertainment and will be released in theaters early next year.

Expanding on the insight learned from Adrenaline, Lynn’s next project is Havoc, a horror thriller, is now in post-production. At 110-minutes, it surpasses Adrenaline as the longest continuous shot in film history. Havoc was filmed in HD using JVC’s GY-HD110U.

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Chris Thompson is having a great day having just picked up his new top-line SUV. Suddenly, his day takes a turn for worse when the car’s SAT-ASSIST is hacked by an unknown perpetrator. To make matters worse, they put his daughter on the phone to prove their leverage. Now the unknown perpetrator has complete control over Chris’s vehicle and his daughter in captivity. To protect the safety of his daughter, Chris is sent on one dangerous act after another. Chris has no choice but to give them what they want while trying not to kill anyone innocent along the way.

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