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GY-DV5100 Offers Affordable Superior Image Quality and Operational Functions

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 18, 2005) – JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is showcasing its new 12-bit ADC Pro-DV Camcorder, the GY-DV5100. This 3-CCD camcorder complements JVC’s growing lineup of Professional DV products. Its enhanced image quality and improved operational functions make the GY-DV5100 an ideal choice for electronic newsgathering and professional production.

The GY-DV5100U utilizes a newly developed 24 bit digital signal processor (DSP) that produces higher resolution images with dramatically less visible noise than previous models. Its integral 12 bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) allows the camera to provide color details throughout its 400% dynamic range. With increased clarity and ability to produce details and colors in both shaded and highlighted areas, the GY DV5100U delivers images previously found only in expensive field production cameras.

The camcorder is tightly integrated with the DR-DV5000U, JVC's Direct-to-Edit™ (DTE™) disc recording module. DTE™ provides all of the advantages of tapeless acquisition with the added benefit of being able to edit directly from the files created by the camera. No time consuming digitizing or transfer is necessary, as the camera's removable hard disc becomes part of the editing system. The optional DR-DV5000U attaches to the rear of the camera via a built-in 52-pin connector without cables, and works in conjunction with the camera's CPU.

“The GY-DV5100U gives broadcasters a cost-effective alternative to over-priced tapeless solutions other manufacturers are offering,” said Tim Tokita, product marketing manager for JVC Professional. “This latest evolution offers enhanced image quality with increased functionality and flexibility, setting a new standard in tapeless solutions.”

Addressing the growing demand for wide screen programming, JVC has added a 16:9 mode to the camcorder. In addition, a “Hi Res Frame Mode” allows for increased vertical resolution and a more cinematographic effect. Creative professionals will also appreciate the camera's almost limitless customization settings including new variable enhancement frequencies. Audio capabilities have also been expanded with 3 XLR microphone connectors built-in.

JVC's GY-DV5100U is directly compatible with Anton Bauer's digital batteries that provide viewfinder status of remaining battery life. An intelligent “light link” function is also available that operates an optional camera mounted light with the recording trigger. A connector is also provided to power an external wireless microphone receiver.

The GY-DV5100 is currently available. Suggested list price for this product is $6,495. For dealer locations and product information, including high-resolution photos, visit the JVC Web site at


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