About JVC 4K Clip Manager

  1. Introduction

JVC 4K Clip Manager is a software for managing MP4 clips recorded by using 4K memory card camera recorder GY-HMQ10. This software can be used for viewing thumbnail of clips, archiving clips to hard disk drive or any other disk drive and transferring to single 4K resolution clip.

  1. Minimum system requirements

2.-1 Operating system


Mac OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7.2


Intel Processor


4GB or more recommended

Hard disk

10 GB of hard disk space is required for installation. (It will be changed depending on the size of the file to be edited.


SD card interface


QuickTime Player and Final Cut Pro X should be installed.

2.-2 Language

Japanese and English. Except Japanese OS, language is automatically displayed in English.

  1. Download

Download the file from this location:


  1. Install

This software is provided as the disc image file format (dmg file). When it is compressed by zip format and so on, it will be picked up as dmg file after unzipping.

After double clicking dmg file and mounting the image file, the window shown as below will be opened. Please drag and drop it to the icon indicating the application alias. It will be automatically copied to the application folder.