JVC Model: ProHD HD100U Series Camcorder

User Name:
Greg Steiner, Producer/Director
Q Station
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Equipment purchased:

Facing a limited budget and challenging filming environments, producer/director Greg Steiner needed an affordable HD camera that could shoot in true 24p, which is why he chose JVC’s ProHD HD100 for his comedy film Bumping off Burt.
Additionally, both he and his production company, Q-Station, were amazed by the camera’s flexibility and versatile recording capabilities.

While Steiner was impressed with the camera’s 24-frame recording and mechanical Fujinon lens, the image quality of the ProHD HD100 was what truly won him over. According to Steiner, “The final selling point for me was an article I read in one of the trade magazines. The article was about a studio test, which compared the features and quality of all of the new small format HD cameras. I think I actually ordered the camera the day after I read the article.”

A good portion of the story takes place in a diner where Burt and the other characters have breakfast each morning. “While the diner had a perfect look for the film, our crew quickly learned that adequate lighting was going to be one of their greatest obstacles. With a small lighting rig and daylight’s schedule working against them, they relied on the ProHD HD100’s superior recording quality to get the job done,” said Steiner. “In the end, I was amazed at what the ProHD HD100 was able to capture. We were still able to pull a lot of detail out of both the shadows and highlights, and the end result is very film-like appearance.”

When discussing the performance of the ProHD HD100 while shooting Bumping off Burt, Steiner commented, “The camera performed beautifully for the entire shoot. It’s extremely reliable and the image quality is absolutely spectacular for the cost. Right now we have two other projects lined up, and I know I’ll be shooting them with JVC’s camera.”

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