JVC Model: GY-HD100U

User Name:
Darren Leis/Chris Cashman
San Diego, CA

Equipment purchased:

Writer/Director/Producer, Chris Cashman and Director of Photography, Darren Leis shot their independent feature film Carts with a single JVC GY-HD100U in 24p mode.  Carts is a dark comedy about an influential politician who was given a second chance to redeem himself by spending six years in purgatory as a cart attendant in a store parking lot.  The feature was shot outdoors with minimal lighting and in the dusk. 

Cashman selected the GY-HD100U because of the camera’s interchangeable lenses and ability to shoot in 24p on a small budget, which was financed by him and his wife.  The camera’s short set-up time allowed the crew to start shooting sooner, which gave them more time for daylight shooting.  In addition, the camera’s maneuverability enabled the crew to quickly move around their location easily and more efficiently.

According to Leis, “The cameras two built-in neutral density filters were invaluable to us, without them we wouldn’t have been able to get the shots we did.  It was amazing that the shots we captured after the sun went down actually looked like it was still daylight.”  The crew also used the Anton Bauer battery attachment, which allowed them to shoot over six hours of footage using a single charge.

“In the digital era, it’s possible to make a quality, full-length feature without a studio size budget.  Using the GY-HD100U camera on this feature is a testament to that,” said Cashman.