Instructions for BR-HD50U(A) Firmware v1-08 Upgrade

If you have not yet upgraded to v1-06, there is no need to do so. This upgrade encompasses all firmware improvements of the v1-06 upgrade as well as the new v1-08 improvements.

v1-08 Improvements:

Allows interoperability with Non-HDCP compliant HDMI devices such as: Convergent Design's M1 and also Black Magic's Intensity Card (firmware upgrade may be required). Additionally you can now connect your BR-HD50U to Displays such as computer monitors.

v1-06 Improvements:



  1. Connect the Video Line Out connector on the rear panel to a video monitor. Steps 2, 6, 7, and 10 will require the video monitor. See figure 1.
  2. Version check: Turn the power on. Press both the MENU and STOP buttons at the same time. If the version is lower than 0108, then BR-HD50U needs the upgrade.
  3. Format the SD card: All data on the card will be lost in this step. Please back up your data prior to formatting. Insert the SD Card into the SD Card slot of the GY-HDxxxU and follow the formatting instructions found on page 79 of the GY-HDxxxU Instruction Manual. If using a new SD Card or a card that has never been formatted in a computer, this step may be skipped. If using Windows XP or 2000 the formatting tool found at may also be used. The SD Card will not be recognized by the BR-HD50U if the card has been formatted by Windows or Mac operating system native formatting utilities.
  4. Unzip and extract the downloaded “BR-HD50U(A) Upgrade” file. Insert the SD Card into the SD Card Reader/Writer attached to the computer. Then copy and paste the extracted “br-hd50.up2” file from the computer to the SD card. At this time there should only be the firmware file on the card. The upgrade will not work properly if there are other files on the card. Lock the SD card if there is more than one unit to be upgraded.


  1. With the BR-HD50 power turned off, use a #2 Phillips Head screwdriver to remove the screw of the SD card slot cover on the rear cover of the BR-HD50U and remove the cover. See figure 1.

Fig. 1

  1. Insert the SD card into the card slot of the BR-HD50U with the contacts of the SD card facing towards the top of the unit. This slot is spring loaded. Press the card in firmly and it will lock in place. To release the card press firmly once again and it will be ready to remove.
  2. Set the IEEE1394 switch on the front panel to HDV and set the INPUT Select switch on the front panel to Y/C. See figure 2.

Fig. 2

  1. Power the unit on. Do not turn off, unplug, or allow the unit to lose power in any way until the end of the upgrade. If the power or the upgrade is interrupted in any way, the unit will need to be sent to JVC for repair.
  2. Simultaneously press the REC, Pause, FF, and Menu buttons.
  3. Press the ▲ or ▼ button on the front panel to move the cursor to Upgrade Execute and press the SET button. See figure 2.

Press the ▲ or ▼ button on the front panel to move the cursor to CONTINUE? and press the SET button. The BR-HD50U will now begin updating.

  1. When the upgrade is completed after 7 to 10 minutes, both rightmost red LEDs of Audio Ch-1/3 and CH-2/4 audio meters will blink simultaneously at approximately 2 second interval. See figure 2.
  2. Remove the SD Card and the unit will return to the power off state. Replace the SD card slot cover and screw.
  3. Confirm version: Turn the power on. Press both the MENU and STOP buttons at the same time. Version 0108 should be displayed.
  4. Press the MENU button to exit this screen and the unit is ready to use.

In the event that assistance is required please call 1-800-JVC-JVC5.