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XA-GP1BK ROM player & guidebook
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Visitors receiving intructions on Audio Guide
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Kennedy Space Center Information Agent with the XA-GC20BK charging rack
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Japanese visitors using Audio Guide at LC-39 Observation Gantry overlooking Space Shuttle Launch Pad.
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American family learning about Lunar Rover Vehicle at Apollo/Saturn V center
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American family at the Lunar Rover (another angle)
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Austrian students using Audio Guide at Space suit display in the Apollo SaturnV Center
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Another shot of Austrian students using Audio Guide
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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Entrance Plaza
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Space Shuttle Launch
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Apollo/Saturn V Center
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Visitors learn about interplanetary exploration at the Robot Scouts exhibit
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Visitors using Audio Guide at the full scale Space Shuttle mock-up.
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Audio Guide in use at the outdoor "Rocket Garden" Exhibit
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