Director Harry Killas' "What Else Have You Got?" Wins Critical Acclaim and is Theatrically Released

Wayne, NJ (April 3, 2001) -- Noted film director and producer Harry Killas' latest short film "What Else Have You Got?," shot entirely on JVC's GY-DV700WU Professional DV camcorder, has taken Vancouver by storm, recently winning two top prizes in two separate competitions.

"What Else Have You Got?" premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 3, 2000 and won the "Audience Award" in the Great Vancouver One Piece! Challenge. Then in January 2001, the film won the Look Ma!! Short Film Competition 2001, and First Prize was theatrical release at Vancouver's Tinseltown Theater.

The One Piece! Challenge format, conceived and founded by Yagachi Shinobu and Suzuki Takuji in 1994, requires that each entry be shot in a single uninterrupted take from a fixed camera. The parameters of the challenge also forbid post-production work in sound or image. Since its conception, this technically and artistically-rigorous format has ignited huge interest and excitement within the Indie Film Circles. The Great Vancouver One Piece! Challenge was the "One-Piece" formats' first international challenge match, drawing competitive entries from Japan and the group of Vancouver-based filmmakers known as the "Pacific New Wave".

Director and writer Harry Killas is perhaps best known for his short romantic comedy, 1999's "Babette's Feet," a film about a lawyer's obsession with feet. "What Else Have You Got?," a 5-minute long comedy shot in widescreen, was directed by Killas, produced by Isabelle Longnus and written by Alan Borden. It's the story of a desperate writer who finds himself in a world where only a pitch can save his life. Killas praised JVC's GY-DV700WU, saying it helped him to bring his creative vision to life by delivering high-resolution audio and video and offering native 16:9 aspect ratio that easily convertible to film.

"Shooting a short film in one take produces many technical challenges," emphasized Juan Martinez, National Product Manager for JVC. "While the root of any good movie has to be the writing, there is almost always a story-behind-the-story revolving around the production that makes critical and commercial success possible. In this case, JVC's GY-DV700WU helped Killas to capture the full comedic impact of his award-winning story by delivering the technical and aesthetic strengths a professional filmmaker needs."

Martinez continued, "JVC's GY-DV700WU 16:9 camcorder is a superb choice for digital cinematographers. He pointed out "Key features like Full Auto White, Black Stretch/Compression, built-in Genlock and zebra level indicator are professional 'must-haves,' that appeal to digital filmmakers as an artist."

Details about JVC's GY-DV700WU

JVC's GY-DV700WU, offers rugged design, high-resolution video output and full audio ideal for either remote shooting and studio applications. This powerful 3-chip camera is portable and lightweight, but never skimps on features, relying on three native 16:9 2/3-inch CCD's, superb 14-bit digital signal processing and the equivalent of 750 lines of horizontal resolution to deliver crisp, detailed images. The GY-DV700WU affords the shooter the flexibility to be creative, with the option of shooting in either the traditional 4:3 or native 16:9 aspect ratio. It performs exceptionally well in low light, achieving a sensitivity of F11 at 2,000 Lux. Most of all, it is designed with true professional features sought by independent filmmakers, including full manual controls and lens interchangeability. A wide range of accessories geared for digital cinematography are now available from JVC.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is based in Wayne, New Jersey and distributes a complete line of broadcasting and professional equipment including cameras, recorders, monitors, projectors and editing products. For more information about JVC's GY-DV700 camcorder or other JVC products, please contact Juan Martinez, National Product Manager at 1-800-JVC-5825 or visit the corporate website at www.jvc.com/pro.