Switchable16:9/4:3 GY-DV700WCL Captures Attention of Documentarians
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Las Vegas, NV (NAB, April 23-26, 2001) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is introducing the GY-DV700WCL fully-digital PROFESSIONAL DV CineLine Camcorder, engineered for especially for documentarians and other feature filmmakers requiring a 16:9/4:3 switchable camera in a lightweight and portable package.

The thrust behind CineLine is JVC's belief that digital cinematography is the wave of the future, and that rich, film-like footage can be successfully and gracefully shot, edited and transferred to film using the right video equipment. To better serve its customers, JVC is launching a full CineLine suite of cameras, accessories and projectors -- optimized for digital cinematography.

While many camera manufacturers are focusing on the highest end of the digital cinematography market, JVC believes that digital cinema production can be achieved by all segments of the marketplace without sacrificing image quality or performance. JVC's GY-DV700WCL combines technical advantages and economies of the Professional DV format with JVC's superior camera technology to deliver remarkable results.

After extensive research with cinematographers and in the laboratory, JVC engineers have optimized the camera for digital filmmaking . They have incorporated their discoveries into the GY-DV700WCL digital processor, which produces gamma curves and color matrices that provide a more natural conversion to film. JVC's new line CineLine cameras make it possible to achieve much of the same fullness and richness of color and film-like texture within the video realm, meaning that it is not necessary to convert to film to attain a cinematic quality.

The GY-DV700WCL CineLine camcorder features three 2/3-inch 16:9 Interline Transfer CCDs, a B4 lens mount compatible with the widest array of lenses including Prime HD lenses, 16:9 switchable lenses and standard 2/3-inch lenses and a wealth of professional, broadcast features. The camera offers features sought by digital cinematographers, including Black Stretch/Compression, zebra level indication, and built-in Genlock and time-code needed for shoots or syncing to other digital tools. IEEE 1394 "FireWire" I/O gives the user direct-to-computer or NLE convenience, so users can spool without loss, and download direct to other digital systems directly from the cameras.

JVC's exclusive "Super SceneFinder" automatically logs individual scenes as you shoot, then stores the SSF data to on the head of a standard mini-DV tape so editing or batch digitizing is much easier. Optionally, you can flag "Takes" and "No Good" scenes as you shoot, marking up to 134 scenes per cassette. In addition, scene data from the past six cassettes is stored in the camera memory so that it can be dumped to a computer scene logging software or recorded to the cassette at a later time.

"JVC's new CineLine closes the gap between ultra high-cost professional cameras and consumer camcorders that just don't have the features and performance a professional digital cinematographer truly needs," noted Juan Martinez, JVC's National Product Manager. "One look will tell you that this is a true professional system, packed with high-end professional features. Yet the price is such that virtually any serious digital cinematographer can afford. For both seasoned professional digital cinematographers and those who are ready to step up to the professional level, JVC's GY-DV700WCL CineLine is the ideal camcorder, offering all of the features they could ever need."

Pricing and Availability

The GY-DV700WCL is currently available at a suggested retail price of $11,000, not including the lens. JVC offers a comprehensive line of CineLine cameras, accessories and projectors optimized specifically for digital cinematography.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, located in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about JVC's new GY-DV700WCL camcorder or any other JVC products from the Digital Video Division, contact Juan Martinez, National Product Marketing Manager Walton at (800) 526-5308; or visit JVC's web site at www.jvc.com/pro.