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Fort Pierce, FL (September 7, 2001)--The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, one of the four largest oceanographic institutes in the world, has acquired JVC D-9 video equipment from JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY for marine and scientific research aboard the Johnson-Sea-Link for the 2001 operating season.

Dan Boggess, a 12-year veteran with Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, and a submersible pilot and senior electronics technician on the Johnson-Sea-Link I and II, was looking for new equipment that could be used as a standalone recorder to pick up the smallest objects and details while researching the marine environment. He came across D-9 equipment at the NAB show in 1998. Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute purchased the BR-D85U Editing Recorder and the BR-D4OU Dockable Recorder at Midtown Video in Miami about a year ago.

The JVC D-9 equipment is the main recording gear utilized on Johnson-Sea-Link missions. Harbor Branch recently used the JVC D-9 equipment on an expedition in the Gulf of Mexico where scientists were studying hydrocarbon seeps from their four-person submarine submerged at depths of up to 3,000 feet. The Johnson-Sea-Link submersibles are designed with a forward five-inch thick acrylic sphere to accommodate the pilot and an observer at "one atmosphere." The sphere allows panoramic visibility. A second crew member and another observer occupy the aft observation chamber where a video monitor and side view ports provide forward and side observation.* According to Boggess, "It is so dark that vegetation grows by chemosynthesis, not photosynthesis. I enjoy my job because I get to go where people and light have never been before."

The JVC D-9 equipment exceeded Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute's expectations. "The equipment provides better resolution for scientific and commercial use. We are able to record detailing without motion artifacts," explains Boggess. "JVC D-9 equipment provided the best quality and the smallest size." When the budget permits, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute would like to purchase a D-9 edit system for use on the ship.


The BR-D40U dockable videotape recorder used on the sub provides over 2 hours (124 minutes) of uninterrupted recording that accommodates the two to three-and-a-half hour dives. The recorder's small size, (301 x 266 x 142 mm / 11-7/8" x 10-1/2" x 5-5/8"), lent itself to the tight space of the sub. According to Boggess, the JVC D-9 equipment was able to capture the smallest details. The is due to an extremely mild, perceptually lossless 3.3:1 compression ratio and a rich data rate of 50 Mbps. D-9 can capture even the most challenging picture in all its splendor without annoying compression artifacts such as pixel noise, edge defects, blockiness and multi-generation degradation that can be produced when 5:1 compression systems record difficult pictures. To maintain superb picture quality from acquisition to production, all D-9 products use a data rate of 50 Mbps. This feature enables Harbor Branch to sell their stunning images as stock photography.

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*SOURCE: HBOI Web site