New Models Assures CAD Data, Medical Images, and Digital Audio/Video Archive Capability

Wayne, NJ (January 23, 2001) – With the recent explosion of DVD technology, JVC Digital Storage Systems Division is capitalizing on the strengths and growth of DVD and CD storage technology with the introduction of the new MC-8000 Series DVD/CD Library. Three new models in this series include the MC-8100U, MC-8200U and the MC-8600U -- all offering the capability to meet the demands for flexible and high-capacity data storage.

Flexible Design Makes JVC’s DVD Storage Leading Choice

DVD technology is rapidly eclipsing CD storage systems, largely because of the far greater storage capacities that DVD has to offer. Whether you’re archiving text-based documents, CAD data, medical images, digital audio/video or any combination of digital files, JVC’s intelligent design and compatibility with a variety of removable media make the MC-8000 Series the optimum choice.

JVC’s three new library models range in size from 600-Disc capacity down to 100-Disc capacity. All of the new models utilize the latest 4.7GB DVD drives (an increase in capacity and performance over the current 2.6GB models), disc flipping mechanism, and a maximum capacity of 5.64TB of near-online rewriteable storage to achieve the state-of-the-art storage solution. Across the line, JVC’s quality engineering ensures superior reliability and flexibility – regardless of the storage capacity selected.

Expandable Drives Allows Extraordinary Flexibility

With the MC-8000 Series, JVC offers customers the flexibility of installing their choice of multiple DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, CD-R/RW, and/or CD-ROM Drives & a Printer. A wide variety of device options enables users to custom configure their storage system depending on their unique requirements.

Each unit in the MC-8000 Series also offers add-on drives to expand capacity, with the potential for additional drives ranging from 12 in the MC-8600U, 9 in the MC-8200U and 4 in the MC-8100U library. All three models are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing and new storage environments, so the rapid expansion of your library capacity can be cost-efficient.

High-Speed Disc Changers Optimize Delivery Time

JVC MC-8000 Series use high-speed digital disc changers to optimize data delivery times, which in many organizations translates to money saved. The high-speed changers invert the disc during vertical positioning ("flipping-on-the-fly") to eliminate the additional time and distance traveled needed to transport the media to a specific location, invert the disc, and to transport the inverted disc to its desired destination.

JVC Logic is Sought-After Solution for Medical Institutions

As institutions digitize increasing quantities of data, there is growing demand for a compact, reliable and large capacity storage device. Medical imaging systems, in particular, not only require large capacity storage, but also extremely reliable media that offers protection against tampering while providing secure, long-term data storage. The new products within JVC MC-8000 Series will meet such requirements.

Features of JVC MC-8100U DVD/CD Library

Features of JVC MC-8200U DVD/CD Library

Features of JVC MC-8600U DVD/CD Library

Options for JVC MC-Series Library Models

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NOTE: Features and specifications of the MC-8000 Series are subject to change without notice.