JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS Attends I/ITSEC To Showcase High Resolution Projector

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WAYNE, NJ (November 25, 2001) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced that it will feature, for the first time ever, the DLA-QX1G (QX1), the world's highest resolution digital projector, at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC), in Orlando, Florida, November 26-29, 2001. I/ITSEC encourages army, navy, air force, marines, and industry types involved in the military and government as well as system integrators that build for the government to attend the conference.

The QX1 is being brought to the training and simulation market to address the increasing need for synthetic environment training systems that can deliver extremely high fidelity realtime imagery for realtime training applications. Based on JVC's revolutionary D-ILA technology, this advanced projector is well suited for simulation environments that project on either flat or curved surfaces. Typical applications of systems that will use the QX1 include mission rehearsal and gunnery applications where target discrimination, acquisition and identification is critical. The QX1, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 provides the highest resolution and contrast ratio of any projector in the industry. With a resolution 40 percent higher than SXGA (1280 X 1024) and contrast ratio significantly higher than LCD or DLP projectors, the QX1 enables pilots and weapons systems operators to engage targets in more realistic scenarios, which results in enhanced training value. And with up to 7,000 lumens output, the QX1 may be used in simulation environments with high ambient light levels.

Featured in the Elumens booth (No. 438) at the I/ITSEC show, the QX1 will be shown in a variety of dome-based immersive training scenarios in which a single QX1 will replace applications previously requiring two, three and four projectors, thereby eliminating the difficulties associated with calibrating and color matching tiled displays and providing greatly simplified maintenance and improved MTBF. The QX1 will project horizontally on a dome screen driven by a Quantum3D Obsidian® nV, which provides native support for the QXGA resolution, as well as realtime distortion correction using the Elumens SPY™ interface as part of the ongoing collaboration between Quantum3D and JVC aimed at providing highly optimized IG and projector solutions for the visual simulation and training industry. A separate demonstration of the M5000 projector and an AAlchemy™ PC-IG with JVC- specific video timings will be conducted in the Quantum3D and Stewart Filmscreen Booths (No. 902 and 914), illustrating the advanced capabilities of other members of the DLA family of advanced projectors from JVC.

"We are thrilled to introduce JVC's latest products to the visual simulation and training industry at the I/ITSEC exhibition. The requests for the QX1 is so encouraging, we're expecting the unveiling to be thoroughly successful," said Jack Faiman, vice president of JVC Professional Products Company and head of Digital Systems Division.

"JVC's D-ILA technology based projectors have overcome virtually all of the obstacles that have faced solid-state projectors in the vis-sim market," said Ross Q. Smith, VP of Sales and Marketing at Quantum3D. "And with the QX1, visual systems integrators can now start to reach eye limiting resolutions without resorting to unnatural acts. We're very pleased to be working with JVC on optimizing our PC-IGs to match the capabilities of their projectors and to offer an integrated solution to the market."

The JVC QXGA D-ILA projector has sufficient resolution to display full-quality, full-spec HDTV, including 720P, 1080P and 1080i, through its HD-SDI inputs and up to QXGA resolutions via its analog RGB interface. In addition to Digital Cinema applications, the QXGA D-ILA projector provides for precision graphics display in such applications as design, research, simulation, training and health care. This powerful high resolution projector is ideal for staging/rental, post production telecine transfer labs, screening digital dailies, and HDTV applications such as theme parks, museums and other specialized applications requiring ultra high-resolution imaging. With modular RGB/HV inputs accepting variable scan rates of 31.5 to 135 kHz horizontal and 48 to 120 Hz vertical, the QXGA D-ILA delivers ultra-high resolution, and is able to display virtually any signal.

To achieve color richness and accuracy, the QXGA D-ILA utilizes 10-bit digital color processing and 12-bit gamma correction. The unit incorporates an adjustable color temperature, and is stackable up to 3 units for larger venues or for increased brightness. A wide assortment of interchangeable lenses featuring horizontal and vertical lens shift capability increases its functionality.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about the QXGA D-ILA projector, Eastern States please contact Tom Stites at (706) 216-4130, and Western States please contact Pete Zeidler at (760) 744-5752.

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