Quantum3D PC-IG and JVC Professional Projector Solutions Optimized to Deliver Maximum Image Fidelity To Be Demonstrated With Stewart Filmscreen and Elumens Displays at I/ITSEC

ORLANDO, FL (November 26, 2001) - Quantum3D™, Inc. and JVC Professional Products Company today at I/ITSEC announced an agreement under which the two companies will collaborate to ensure that Quantum3D's family of PC-based Image Generators (PC-IGs) and JVC's line of D-ILA™ based professional projectors are fully optimized to work together and take advantage of the key features of each product.

As part of the agreement, Quantum3D will resell select JVC professional projectors along with its AAlchemy™, Obsidian® nV and Graphite™ PC-IGs as integrated solutions for integrator and end-user customers who desire to purchase complete, tuned IG and display solutions from a single source that has the technical skill set to precisely match the IG to the projector. JVC and Quantum3D also are collaborating with Stewart Filmscreen to ensure the availability of screen technologies that precisely match the PC-IG and projector offerings.

Among the JVC D-ILA projectors being offered by Quantum3D is the new JVC DLA-QX1G (QX1), the highest-resolution solid state projector available today with native 2048 x 1536 resolution, contrast ratio of 1000:1 and up to 7,000 lumens output. The new Quantum3D integrated offerings feature special video timings and other settings, which effectively tune the IG to deliver maximum image quality when mated to a given JVC projector. This close relationship is of particular importance for training and simulation customers who have high-fidelity simulation requirements.

Demonstrations of the Quantum3D AAlchemy and Obsidian nV systems combined with JVC projectors may be viewed at several locations at I/ITSEC. In the Quantum3D booth (No. 914), an AAlchemy PC-IG with JVC-specific video timing coupled with a JVC M5000SC series projector is illuminating a Stewart Filmscreen GreyHawk™ high performance projection screen in the Stewart Filmscreen booth (No. 906). This demonstration, which also highlights Stewart Filmscreen's complimentary screen technologies, is part of the JVC, Quantum3D and Stewart Filmscreen's "Fidelity Project", which illustrates the combined products' unique ability to provide synthetic environment target recognition capabilities while conducting training in environments that closely replicate actual work environments, including high ambient light conditions. In the Elumens booth (No. 438), an Obsidian nV, featuring realtime distortion correction capabilities, powers the new JVC DLA-QX1G projector at its native 2048 x 1536 resolution inside an Elumens dome. This demonstration illustrates the unmatched dynamic range and resolution capabilities of the QX1G coupled with the high performance and realtime distortion-correction capability of the Obsidian nV-both of which are imperative for displaying synthetic imagery in immersive environments for gunnery, aviation, and mission rehearsal applications.

"Over the past two years, we have seen more and more customers desire close integration of our PC-IGs with JVC projectors because the D-ILA projector's high resolution and contrast ratios match well with the image quality of our systems. After working with JVC engineers to develop specific video timings on several programs, it became apparent that by working together, we could offer our collective customers a more finely tuned product," said Ross Q. Smith, Quantum3D co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing. "The 'marriage' of JVC's projectors and our PC-IGs with special video timings for the projectors, ensures better image quality and reduces integration time - both of which ultimately improve integrator and end-user satisfaction."

"Quantum3D and JVC already share many customers, including many of the leading training and simulation integrators in the world today," said Pete Zeidler, director of sales at JVC Professional Products Company. "This agreement we are announcing at I/ITSEC benefits both current and future customers by providing turnkey display systems that are precisely tuned to each other, which will speed the deployment of precision training and simulation applications. In turn, our two companies benefit by expanding our market opportunities."

"Our work with companies like Indra on the Madrid Barajas ATC project illustrates how powerful the JVC, Quantum3D and Stewart Filmscreen combination can be," said Don Stewart, President of Stewart Filmscreen. "We are pleased to be working with both JVC and Quantum3D in raising the bar on fidelity for synthetic environment training applications."

About JVC Professional Products Company
JVC Professional Products Company, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and professional equipment. For more information about the QXGA D-ILA projector, Eastern States please contact Tom Stites at (706) 216-4130, and Western States please contact Pete Zeidler at (760) 744-5752. To view online, go to the following address: http://pro.jvc.com/pro/qx1.htm. For any of JVC's other products, contact David Walton at JVC at (800) 526-5308, Deirdre Breakenridge at (973) 812-8883, or visit JVC's Web site at www.jvc.com/pro/pr.

About Stewart Filmscreen Corporation
Stewart Filmscreen (www.stewartfilm.com) is a world renowned manufacturer and supplier of Front and Rear Projection Screens including its new BlackHawk and GrayHawk technology. Widely known for quality, technical and custom engineering capability, Stewart is a full service supplier, from developing and producing its own raw materials, through engineering and design of systems, with capability to implement complete installations. Stewart, in conjunction with The Nordam Group, supplies the majority of Rear Projection Screens for Full-Flight Commercial and Military Simulators.

About Quantum3D
Quantum3D develops and markets integrated interactive PC-based 3D visual computing systems and software for the visual simulation and training market and realtime 2D/3D graphics subsystems and software for avionics, ground vehicle and other embedded, realtime information system applications. Quantum3D's AAlchemy, Obsidian® nV and Graphite™ scalable family of open architecture PC-IGs are the most widely adopted PC-IGs in the industry, according to the Frost & Sullivan 2001 Visual Simulation Market Survey. Quantum3D PC-IGs include mission critical features, industry leading performance, superior graphics and image quality, and unsurpassed value. In addition, Quantum3D creates and distributes realtime development software tools and products enabling developers to fully optimize their applications to benefit from the company's visual computing solutions. Quantum3D is also the exclusive supplier of NVIDIA graphics technology into the embedded, realtime information systems market (see http://www.quantum3d.com/press%20releases/09_11_01_farsightnv.htm for more information). Quantum3D is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, please see www.quantum3d.com.

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