Portable DV Makes Streams Available to Yahoo!'s 192 Million Global Viewers

Las Vegas, NV (NAB, April 23-26, 2001) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced that Yahoo!Ô Broadcast Services, an industry leader in helping organizations more effectively and efficiently engage, communicate and transact with audiences via audio and video Internet broadcasting, relies on JVC DV-500 camcorders for the daily acquisition of remote and studio footage used for delivering video webcasts.

Perfect for Field or Studio Shooting

JVC's popular DV-500 3-chip camcorder offers superb picture quality in an extremely affordable package, thanks to JVC's legendary camera technology. Using three 1/2 inch CCDs, the DV-500 delivers the equivalent of 750 lines of resolution and performs extremely well in difficult lighting situations, delivering superb sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux and minimum illumination of 0.75 lux in the LoLux mode. The ruggedly constructed DV-500 has a rigid diecast magnesium housing providing the durability professionals crave.

With the help of JVC's DV-500 camcorders, Yahoo! Broadcast Services is delivering state-of-the-moment news on sports, business and entertainment via captivating video streams that can be played back in real time or at the viewer's convenience via archives. In March 2001 alone, Yahoo! Broadcast Services delivered over 17 million hours of audio and video programming for Fortune 500 corporations, sports leagues, media and entertainment companies, television and radio stations, advertisers and merchants.

Juan Martinez, National Product Manager for Cameras at JVC, called the DV-500 a superb investment for a wide range of customers, including webstreamers, ENG shooters and traditional studio shooters who are attempting to bridge the HDTV gap seamlessly. "JVC's DV-500 cameras offer high resolution output in an economical package that is ideal for mass digital video production as well as traditional videography applications. The DV-500 delivers an unparalleled price and quality combination that will be invaluable to broadcasters as they move through the lower bandwidths and into broadband."

Ric Choate, Yahoo! Broadcast Services' Studio Engineer/Manager applauded JVC's DV-500 camcorders for their ability to meet and exceed the demanding qualifications needed for field and in-studio digital production. Choate remarked, "We researched a number of cameras before making a choice. We needed competitive equipment, so we looked at features and performance. We had a good working knowledge of everything out there and JVC provided us with everything we liked. It is so light and portable, when my guys go out to do ENG assignments they say, 'hey that wasn't work - we aren't lugging around huge beta cameras and batteries - this is nice and light'."

Key features on the DV-500 that stand out are its 1/2-inch chips, Genlock for multi-camera shoots, low light capability, professional audio connectors and of course, the integration of a IEEE 1394 "Firewire" solution. The professional design, including PC connectability via the RS-232 port, ensures greater control and makes the DV-500 ideal not only for shooting but also as a feeder in an editing system.

Choate continued, "With all of our streaming media we take feed and put graphics around it, do cuts, go back and forth to Q&A sections, edit pieces and do all we can to put it up so people can watch it on-demand 24/7. That's what makes this type of technology unique; we can deliver media that's not on a scheduled timeframe in different formats that is all very close to TV."

JVC's Pro DV500's lighting performance and functions were also key features which appealed to Yahoo!. Professional-grade functions such as the Automatic Video Level Control (ALC), Extended Electronic Iris (EEI) and Full Auto White enable variable control of gain and shutter speed, so the videographer can shoot continuously from a dark area to a bright area without changing Gain, Iris or ND filter. This is invaluable in situations like live concerts, with rapidly shifting lighting and background conditions.

Ric Choate comments on the lighting, "We really liked what the DV500 does with lighting because we are always working with ever-changing lighting conditions like at concerts. Just like something we just did with SmashMouth; we would've undoubtedly struggled without the JVC. This camera just takes everything it's handed and turns out great footage!"

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, recorders and editing products. For more information on the Professional DV product line or other JVC products, contact at 1-800-JVC-5825, or visit the JVC web site at www.jvc.com/pro.

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