Digital Dailies Provide Affordable, Quality Images For Audiences to Preview the Movies of Tomorrow

WAYNE, NJ and HOLLYWOOD, CA (April 8, 2002) - Screening dailies, the process of viewing film footage from the previous day, by producers, directors and cinematographers, is being revolutionized with the help of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS and LaserPacific Media Corporation (Nasdaq:LPAC).

In a joint project that began in November of last year, industry post production pioneer LaserPacific has begun to use JVC’s D-VHS and D-ILA technology to display dailies transferred to high definition. For years, Hollywood has viewed dailies on film and for many, will continue to do so. But as more movies utilize digital production and post-production methods, film dailies may not be an option for certain projects. This process makes high quality dailies on location practical and is superior to conventional standard definition videocassettes.

LaserPacific has been developing processes and systems that allow studios to see high quality images that are practical, affordable and portable. Transferring dailies to high definition is more cost effective for processes such as digital previews where films are shown to audiences before they are complete. This new process of digital dailies and digital previews provide LaserPacific and JVC the opportunity to introduce the power of this technology to Hollywood.

JVC and LaserPacific will be showing the Digital Dailies system at NAB 2002 in Las Vegas, NV from April 8-11, in the JVC booth. Visitors will see the high quality of Digital Dailies based on D-VHS techologies matched with D-ILA projection. JVC will showcase its DLA-G150CL, specifically created for screening room, production, post-production environments and upscale home theaters. The DLA-G150CL CineLine projector displays images that are as close to film as possible for critical screening applications.

About JVC
JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and CCTV professional equipment. For more information about JVC’s professional products, including the DLA-G150CL, or any other JVC products, contact Deirdre Breakenridge at PFS Marketwyse at (973) 812-8883 or JVC at (800) 526-5308, or visit JVC’s Web site at

D-ILA is a registered trademark of The Victor Company of Japan Ltd.

About LaserPacific Media Corporation
Laser-Pacific Media Corporation is a premier media technology company providing one of the most comprehensive offerings of post-production services to the motion picture, television and digital media industries. Well known as a leading provider of advanced high definition services to the entertainment industry, Laser-Pacific opened the world's first digital high definition facility in March 1998. Recognized for its pioneering work and technical innovations, the company has been awarded five Emmy(TM) awards for outstanding achievement in engineering development, as well as numerous awards for technical excellence in the post production of television and the authoring of DVDs. For more information about LaserPacific’s services contact Christine Purse, Vice President
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