WAYNE, NJ (April 8, 2002) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the purchase of two DLA-QX1G projectors, the world's highest resolution digital projector, by Technique, a Technicolor company, for use in its new digital mastering facility in Burbank, California.

JVC’s DLA-QX1G offers Technique a resolution unmatched in the industry for use with its digital film color correction and grain management processes. In addition, the DLA-QX1G projector’s new 10-bit color depth allows better color analysis as compared to prior technologies. The DLA-QX1G displays images on a 21-foot screen with a higher resolution than the typical HD direct view CRT monitors currently in use.

Technique used D-ILA technology for the recently completed digital mastering of “Panic Room.” The just released hit, starring Jodie Foster and directed by David Fincher, debuted number one in theaters on March 29, 2002, with over $30,000,000 in box office sales, a record for an Easter vacation release. Senior Colorist, Stephen Nakamara, Director David Fincher, and Director of Photography Conrad W. Hall utilized D-ILA technology alongside traditional film projection to color time “Panic Room.” This system was used to create the look Fincher was seeking for the film.

Technique and JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY have agreed to share information and requirements in an effort to further refine QXGA products for use in digital mastering. Technique has also offered to host periodic demonstrations for industry organizations interested in the future of digital mastering.

JVC’s DLA-QX1G, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, producing film quality images, is key for the Hollywood market and has over twice the resolution of its nearest competitor. JVC’s D-ILA patented technology has been incorporated into the DLA-QX1G, enabling natural color reproduction and super contrast for enhanced depth and dimension.

“We’re extremely pleased that Technique has selected JVC’s DLA-QX1G projectors. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Technique, and we are honored to be an active participant in the enhancement of the cinematic experience. JVC is proud to better the quality of films in Hollywood,” stated Jack Faiman, vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY.

About Technique
Located under the Technicolor Creative Services umbrella, Technique was created as an adjunct to Technicolor's core lab businesses as the digital revolution takes greater hold in the industry.

Technique equips filmmakers with added tools for refinement in the finishing of their films and studios a new approach for preparing their films for distribution. For directors, and especially directors of photography, Technique provides greater creative freedom and control in the filmmaker's quest to bring their vision to the screen. By creating a single digital master, the filmmaker's vision will be uniformly experienced by audiences regardless of the film's venue of exhibition - theatrical (through either celluloid or digital projection), international theatrical, broadcast, DVD, home-video, etc. For producers and studios, Technique's prudent business model provides greater fiduciary control for those managing the purse strings. For more information, contact Robert Hoffman.

About JVC
JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, distributes a complete line of presentation, broadcast and CCTV professional equipment. For additional information about the DLA-QX1G or any of JVC's products, contact Jack Faiman of JVC at 1-800-JVC-5825, or Deirdre Breakenridge of PFS Marketwyse at 973-812-8883, or visit JVC's Web site at