Network Encoder, DM-NE300, and Decoder, DM-ND300, to be Available in July 2002


Wayne, NJ (April 8, 2002) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the introduction of the network encoder, DM-NE300, and decoder, DM-ND300. The DM-NE300 is a professional encoder that encodes video in real-time to high quality MPEG2 stream and transmits the stream over a 100 Base TX network.

Using the same IC chip used in JVC's HDTV encoder, the DM-NE300 can establish a high quality MPEG2 full screen full motion picture in real-time, similar to a DVD and DTV standard definition picture.

The rate of transmission can be selected from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Mbps. The DN-E300 is equipped with two quality modes based on picture delay. The short 300ms delay mode provides outstanding standard definition, while the 700ms delay mode provides images similar to a high quality DVD. The DN-E300 and DN-D300 system requires a private network since routing via the Internet often encounters constrained bandwidth as the stream moves along the Internet highway.

User-friendly, requiring no PC, the system may be installed and operated by non-technical personnel and is ideal for unicast transmissions, connecting audio and video of two points, as well as multicast, through a specified router. With a multicast installation, it's possible to feed multiple channels of programming to individual DN-D300 decoders enabling the user to tune as many as 11 separate channels with a handheld remote control similar to a television remote control. Additionally, it's possible to operate the system bi-directionally so distance-learning installations can offer two-way communications for interactive learning.

A built-in RS-232C/RS-422 interface enables serial data to pass through, allowing the encoder to remotely control various hardware functions such as pan and tilt for remote cameras or start/stop functions of a videotape recorder.

The DM-NE300 and DM-ND300 will meet the needs of various organizations and educational centers. With its bi-directional video audio transmission, it's a perfect system for teleconferencing utilizing large screen viewing, so lectures can be shared across campus or across the country wherever high quality full screen video communications is necessary.

Larry Librach, assistant vice president of business development for JVC stated, "Monitoring of transportation systems like railroads, airports and highways can be encoded and viewed immediately with high quality full motion pictures. There is no longer a need to sacrifice quality in order to teleconference across a campus or remotely monitor critical images with a minimal amount of delay."

The DM-NE300 encoder and the DM-ND300 decoder will be available for purchase in July 2002.

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