JVC Addresses New Market Demands With Added Features On Selected Projectors
And With New Product Developments

WAYNE, NJ (February 28, 2002) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the enhanced features of its DLA-QX1G, the world's highest resolution projector, and the DLA-M5000SC and DLA-G150CL projectors to be showcased in Las Vegas at ShoWest, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, March 4-7, 2002. Improved projector features include: 24PsF, new lenses to accommodate the most common throw distances, precise color temperature tracking, increased resolution, improved contrast ratio and digital interfaces.

The new 24 Progressive Segmented Frames (24PsF) is a video format that exactly replicates the image motion of 24-frame film. The format, 24PsF, allows movie like imagery to be accurately displayed on the DLA-QX1G, DLA-M5000SC and DLA-G150CL models. To highlight JVC's new enhancements, Miramax Films will provide selected Academy Award nominated 24PsF telecine footage at ShoWest. This is the second year Miramax and JVC have collaborated at ShoWest. Miramax has also selected JVC's DLA-G150CL to view dailies on location for their upcoming movie, "Spy Kids II."

The existing and newly added interchangeable lenses are available in ranges from 1:1 to 7:1 throw ratios to cover projection distances including common screening rooms. With precise color temperature tracking, the DLA-QX1G, DLA-M5000SC and DLA-G150CL images are projected with accurate color temperature and gamma tracking throughout the gray scale range. The new digital interfaces include HD-SDI and DVI-D. The DLA-QX1G includes digital video input via the available HD-SDI module as well as analog RGB and HDTV input. The DLA-G150CL also includes digital video input via industry standard DVI-D.

JVC is targeting new markets to meet Hollywood and home theater needs by responding with added features. JVC's DLA-QX1G, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 resolution, producing film quality images, is key for the Hollywood market including: screening rooms, animation studios, pre/post production, dailies, digital mastering, HDTV theatres, performing arts centers and museums. The DLA-QX1G has over twice the resolution of its nearest competitor. JVC's D-ILA patented technology has also been incorporated into the home theater market with the availability of the DLA-QX1G, DLA-M5000SC and DLA-G150CL. JVC's projectors deliver natural color reproduction and super contrast for enhanced depth and dimension.

In 2002, JVC forges ahead with new alliances interested in its D-ILA technology. Boeing has ordered JVC's DLA-QX1G for delivery to its El Segundo Digital Cinema Systems Integration Laboratory. Japan's IMAGICA will be one of the first users of the DLA-QX1G in the Japanese motion picture industry. Technique, a Technicolor company, utilizes the D-ILA technology for digital mastering in their new Burbank, California facility. Other JVC customers include Spitz, a company well known for its big dome, circular screen with a 200-degree wrap around, has replaced three CRT projectors with one JVC DLA-QX1G, for immersive entertainment. Elumens is utilizing the DLA-QX1G in its virtual reality domes and has developed a wide-angle lens for the projection unit. Kodak is both a user and an adopter of D-ILA technology.

"A great deal of excitement is being generated in the industry with the never before available DLA-QX1G, the world's highest resolution projector. This projector allows for viewing of greater than HDTV resolution for the first time. JVC is well positioned in the industry, as evidenced by our growing list of high profile companies who embrace D-ILA technology," states Jack Faiman, vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY Digital Systems Division. Since its formation in May 2001, JVC's Digital Cinema Initiative, under Faiman's direction, has forged important alliances in the entertainment industry.

On November 16, 2001 in München, Germany the DLA-QX1G Projector from JVC received the prestigious "Master of Excellence" award. The "Corporate Media 2001" event, coordinated by Europe's influential Medienreport, awarded the new DLA super projector from JVC "Master of Excellence for Innovative Tools, System - and Hardware - Solutions." The Jury - all very well known in the media business - judged criteria such as Technical Innovation, Product Concept, Cost/Use and Handling, based on practical oriented applications. The QXGA-Super projector received, in all categories, the mark "very good" and "excellent."

CeBit 2002, held March 13-20 in Hannover, Germany will be the next exhibition featuring JVC's DLA-QX1G projector. Under the theme E-cinema/E-projection, brilliant images and HDTV 16:9 material will be projected on a 6-meter wide screen, and the technology will be explained. The JVC booth is located in Hall 22 for Information Technology, number A24.

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For information on JVC's exhibit at CeBit, please contact Vera Wolf of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS GmbH, Friedberg/Hessen at +49-(0) 6031-6050 and www.jvcpro.de. For JVC Professional Products in Europe please visit http://www.jvc-europe.com/JvcPro/.

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