JVC's line of Visual Security Cameras Offers Solutions for Analog, Twisted Pair and IP Technologies

NEW ORLEANS, LA (September 15, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced major strides in the security market with the availability of a series of high-quality, high-resolution video cameras that extend the capabilities of security surveillance to IP networking. JVC's range of twelve reliable and economical systems-oriented security cameras covers the gamut of technology backbones; with coaxial, twisted pair or IP-based cameras designed to meet the needs of home security, business network or commercial building installations.

In addition to JVC's new video cameras making their debut at ASIS International 2003, JVC will also be demonstrating their cutting-edge video networking solution, the V.Networks VDR-100 video data recorder that lets companies manage large-scale surveillance systems through corporate networks and the Internet. The all-in-one digital recorder and Web server is moving video further into the digital realm to take advantage of low-cost IP technologies as the networking transmission medium.

The JVC VDR-100 combines video cameras communicating over an Ethernet IP network with digital recording and network control. Each VDR can manage and record up to 16 IP cameras and multiple VDRs can be managed easily over a standard 100 BaseT Ethernet network via a standard browser. All of the individual camera data is stored locally, with the ability to view and manage data remotely or locally. However, network traffic is managed at the VDR level; only the requested cameras are transmitted at the network level, eliminating a serious and potential drain on network bandwidth.

While IP video security systems exist, JVC is breaking new ground by giving companies a solution that combines intelligent monitoring and efficient bandwidth usage for an easily configured, easily managed security system. A single computer can manage hundreds of VDRs and up to 60,000 individual cameras, each which can be programmed to respond to pre-defined priorities. Only when a camera responds to a priority or alarm does it transmit visual data over the network to the monitoring station. This feature provides the reliability of ensuring surveillance and ensuring proper notification to the monitoring station should a priority pre-defined situation occur, but does not waste bandwidth or time to monitor every area where there's a camera.

"The security market is growing by leaps and bounds. JVC recognized this tremendous opportunity and we designed and produced security solutions utilizing our superior professional camera expertise," said Robert Mueller, executive vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. "We're able to offer customers the total package-exceptional picture quality, high-performance cameras that meet their technology backbone needs, supported by a company with 75 years of expertise in the capture and delivery of visual data."

JVC's Coaxial and Twisted Pair Cameras Provide a Path to the Future
To satisfy the largest growth segment of the video security market, JVC is introducing three new dome cameras, the TK-C205U, TK-C205TPU and TK-C655TPU, available in conventional coaxial and advanced twisted-pair versions. Twisted-pair cameras utilize the existing CAT5 cable present in many homes and commercial buildings and are designed with the video balan attached to the camera for simple, plug and play installation. Twisted pair camera installations can provide an ideal transition to IP since CAT5 cabling can be used with either technology.

The new TK-C920U color surveillance camera offers incredibly high resolution with 535 TV lines for clear, sharp image quality. This new, sleek camera features advanced light handling functions to ensure accurate color reproduction even under the most demanding conditions.

A new breakthrough in imaging sensor solutions, the TK-WD310U camera features an innovative 1/3" image sensor with an extremely wide dynamic range that satisfies the most stringent video surveillance security needs.

These new cameras join a strong line of JVC closed caption TV (CCTV) products, V.Networks cameras and high-sensitivity security cameras that offer customers high image quality, superior color reproduction and the ease of use and cost-effectiveness that JVC products afford.

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