JVC Solution Offers Intelligent Monitoring and Efficient Bandwidth Usage

NEW ORLEANS, LA (September 15, 2003)--JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced the strengthening of their line of Internet Protocol (IP) technology-based video solutions with the demonstration of their latest cutting-edge video networking system at the ASIS International 2003 security market trade show. JVC's distributed recording and processing system, being announced this week, extends the capabilities of its line-up of IP-based cameras, software and devices that are fulfilling the JVC corporate vision of bringing IP surveillance solutions to the marketplace.

With the near ubiquity of IP connectivity and networking, companies large and small are looking to harness the power of this low-cost transport mechanism in every possible facet of their business. While IP video security systems exist, cameras that are transmitting video over the Internet are using up bandwidth at a very fast rate. JVC is breaking new ground by giving companies a system that combines intelligent monitoring and efficient bandwidth usage for an easily configured, easily managed security solution. The JVC V.Networks line consists of four network cameras with built-in Web servers, a network encoder that connects analog cameras to the Internet, multi-camera browser software and Web-sever software that distributes live images directly from V.Networks cameras over the Internet.

"The security industry is an accelerated market that has brought many new competitors into play. JVC has been developing IP-based cameras and was the first to build Web server capabilities into the camera, letting the camera access the Internet without being connected to a computer," said Robert Mueller, executive vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. "With IP leading the way, JVC has combined a number of capabilities to offer our leading-edge solution, the V.Networks VDR-100, to a market that's clamoring for low-bandwidth, easily managed security solutions that do not require a network infrastructure overhaul."

JVC's all-in-one VDR-100 digital recorder and Web server announced this week is moving video further into the digital realm to take advantage of low-cost Internet Protocol (IP) technologies as the networking transmission medium. The JVC solution lets companies manage large-scale surveillance systems through corporate networks and the Internet simply and cost-effectively.

The VDR-100 combines video cameras communicating over an Ethernet IP network with digital recording and network control. Each VDR can manage and record up to 16 IP cameras and multiple VDRs can support up to 60,000 cameras, all managed by a single computer via a standard browser. What makes this system feasible is that all of the individual camera data is stored locally, with the ability to view and manage data remotely or locally. However, network traffic is managed at the VDR level; only the requested cameras are transmitted at the network level, eliminating a serious and potential drain on network bandwidth.

Each camera can be programmed to respond to pre-defined priorities, such as motion detection or at regular intervals. Only when a camera responds to a priority or alarm does the camera transmit visual data over the network to the monitoring station. This feature provides the reliability of continued surveillance and ensuring proper notification to the monitoring station should a priority pre-defined situation occur, but does not waste bandwidth or time to monitor every area where there's a camera.

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