Special $500.00 Rebate with Purchase of JVC’s GY-DV5000U Camcorder and
FOCUS Enhancements’ Disk Recorder

WAYNE, NJ (August 5, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced today the availability of the FOCUS Enhancements, Inc. (NASDAQ SC: FCSE), FireStore DR-DV5000 portable disk recording module exclusively through JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY dealers. JVC is offering a special $500 rebate to customers that purchase the JVC GY-DV5000U camcorder together with the FireStore DR-DV5000 from now through September 26, 2003.

A leader in video production and conversion technology, FOCUS Enhancements specifically designed the FireStore DR-DV5000 for JVC’s line of professional DV camcorders. The DR-DV5000 offers significant productivity gains in video post-production and non-linear editing (NLE) applications with its unique Direct To Edit (DTE) Technology, which combines the acquisition and capture of visual data and records edit-ready video in Native NLE file formats directly to internal or external hard drives. The DR-DV5000 mounts onto JVC’s GY-DV5000U and connects though a 52-pin connector, allowing seamless communication of video input, power and status information between the devices.

“ The FireStore DR-DV5000 module has enabled us to offer customers additional time-saving benefits in non-linear editing workflow,” said Robert Mueller, executive vice president for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “With the GY-DV5000U camera’s potential to record up to 276 minutes of video, the DR-DV5000 lets customers take advantage of the increased recording capabilities without the time-consuming burden of transferring and converting the video to their specific NLE format.”

Based on a JVC survey at this year’s NAB show, the FireStore DR-DV5000 module was popular with respondents, with more than half of those surveyed indicating a likelihood of purchasing a JVC Professional DV camcorder with its combined disk recording option.

"The release of FireStore DR-DV5000 marks our commitment to deliver JVC and its customers a portable digital disk recording solution that truly eliminates the capturing and transferring of video prior to editing,” said Michael Conway, vice president of marketing for FOCUS Enhancements. "Tapeless recording technologies are quickly gaining momentum and acceptance in the professional and broadcast market, and we believe our field-proven DTE Technology will create more opportunities for customers seeking a time-savings solution."

About FireStore DR-DV5000

The FireStore DR-DV5000 is a portable DV disk recorder designed to mount between the camcorder and battery system on JVC’s line of full size Professional DV camcorders. It can record up to 6 hours on a single drive and comes with retro loop and time-lapse recording. Other features include multiple control modes, powerful disk utilities, playback modes, infrared remote control with wired and serial remote control options, and a small, lightweight enclosure that mounts directly to a camcorder’s battery plate. When mounted directly to the JVC GY-DV5000 camcorder, a single 52-pin connector interfaces to the DR-DV5000 providing enhanced integration between the products.

About the GY-DV5000U

The GY-DV5000U Professional DV Camcorder is a shoulder-mounted camera with highlight handling, future-proofed modular architecture, low-light sensitivity and revolutionary features to ease the workload of today’s video professionals. Using three ½-inch CCDs with micro-lenses and spatial offset, the GY-DV5000U offers high-end picture quality with more than 800 lines of horizontal resolution and refined user controls at a fraction of the price of traditional broadcast or studio cameras. The camera quality is made possible by 12-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion and 24-bit digital signal processing (DSP).


FOCUS Enhancements, Inc. (NASDAQ SC: FCSE) is a leading designer of world-class solutions in advanced, proprietary video technology. Headquartered in Campbell, California, FOCUS Enhancements designs, develops, and markets video solutions in two distinct markets: advanced, proprietary video scan conversion ICs (Integrated Circuits) and affordable, high quality, digital-video conversion and video production equipment.
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