The JY-HD10U Fulfilling JVC Initiative to Deliver “HD for the Masses”

ORLANDO, FL (June 2, 2003) — JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced today that it has begun shipping the industry’s first affordable high definition (HD) camcorder, the JY-HD10U. The general availability of the JY-HD10U is a part of a larger JVC initiative dubbed “HD for the Masses,” a series of currently available and upcoming products that bring professional-level HD shooting, editing, recording and playback to a wide range of professionals within the broadcast industry.

"With the release of the JY-HD10U camcorder, we have taken a solid step forward with our ‘HD for the Masses’ initiative,” said Robert Mueller, executive vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “It affirms our HD strategy and our belief that high definition capabilities are not limited to the major broadcasters and large production houses. Affordable, high-quality HD products such as the JY-HD10U will be a major thrust in rapidly expanding the market for HD programming.”

The JY-HD10U camcorder and accompanying non-linear editing (NLE) software work together with the JVC professional HD D-VHS system and JVC HDTV display products, making it possible for producers to cost-effectively create and distribute programming in stunning HDTV. Users of high-end HD systems can also economically distribute their programming using the JVC Pro-HD D-VHS system, which provides a level of quality indistinguishable from their original masters. Using the JVC upconverter, even producers using standard definition can capitalize on the superior visual performance that HD playback brings to their material.

JY-HD10U a Total Solution for Today’s Video Professional

The revolutionary hand-held HD camcorder provides the unique ability to record in both HD and standard definition in three resolution modes; HD at 720/30p and SD at 480/60p or 480/60i. The two progressive modes (720/30p, 480/60p) use native 16:9 from the CCD with MPEG-2 compression, and the standard mode (480/60i) is 4:3 with DV compression. All recording is on common MiniDV tape.
The JY-HD10U can upconvert or downconvert into virtually any format, including 1080i, 720/30p, 480/60p, and 480/60i, allowing videographers that shoot in HD to play back on any display with component inputs.
Utilizing MPEG-2 compression within a modest 19Mbps data stream, the JY-HD10U records full bandwidth (1280x720 pixels) with negligible artifacts. MPEG-2 is compatible with D-VHS for archiving and distribution; and in the 480/60p mode, for DVD mastering.

Additional features and functionalities of the JY-HD10U simplify the recording, editing, and archiving process. An optical image stabilizer system lets videographers capture quality images even in the most rugged conditions. An optional solid-state memory card enables still photo capture in 1280x720, 1280x960, 848x480 and 640x480 pixel
resolutions. A convenient IEEE1394 bus interface offers easy, fast connection to D-VHS or a PC for simple downloading, and editing or archiving.


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