The JY-HD10U is the first professional, portable and affordable HD camcorder

NEW YORK, NY (July 10, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is bringing affordable, portable high definition (HD) to DV Expo East, demonstrating the JY-HD10U, the world’s first professional hand-held camcorder with full HD recording capabilities. The JY-HD10U is part of a complete "High Definition for the Masses" approach being proposed by JVC to accelerate the adoption of HDTV by the production community in the United States. The JY-HD10U records full high definition signals using MPEG2 compression on economical DV cassettes.

The first professional unit of its kind, the JY-HD10U conforms to the specifications of the HDV format, the tentative name for a new high definition digital video recording format jointly announced this week by the JVC parent company, Victor Company of Japan, as well as by Sony Corporation, Canon Inc. and Sharp Corporation (see official press release at

“We are extremely pleased that JVC, Sony, Canon and Sharp have joined in this HD format initiative,” said Robert Mueller, Executive Vice President of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “Moreover, HDV format standardization will serve to encourage third-party companies to develop editing, peripheral and other supporting products, giving professional videographers an array of options to enhance the HD creative process.”

The JY-HD10U camcorder and D-VHS systems both utilize open-standard MPEG2 transport streams, letting end-users produce and distribute recordings that are compatible with broadcasting systems while preserving very high quality. MPEG2 encoding (inter-frame compression) is the same technology used in digital broadcasting. JVC believes that this method will encourage the adoption and utilization of HD providing a compelling mutual opportunity for other HD product suppliers and JVC resellers.

“The JY-HD10U began shipping in June 2003 and market response has exceeded our expectations,” explained Mueller.  “High definition programming is projected to become accessible in 99 percent of major U.S. viewing markets by the end of this year. As U.S. HD display household penetration approaches the 10 percent mark, high definition becomes a significant factor in production equipment purchase plans.  Based on the early response to the JY-HD10 by video professionals, it’s clear that the reality of high definition production has arrived.”


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