Custom Software and Lens from Spitz Combined with JVC’s High Resolution Projector to Offer Unique Digital Animation Display Medium

WAYNE, NJ (August 4, 2003) - JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced today that Spitz Inc., supplier of immersive video theaters, dome projection screens and planetaria, has selected the DLA-QX1G (QX1) projector as the delivery method for their new, high-brightness ElectricSky II projection system. Spitz demonstrated JVC’s new projection technology with the first-ever Fulldome Video Showcase at SIGGRAPH 2003.

The Showcase premiered at the Fleet Space Theater on Sunday, July 27, 2003. Using combined Spitz and JVC technologies, digital animation displays completely filled the large, 76-foot diameter dome of the Fleet Space Theater. The large-scale hemispheric projections demonstrated the up-and-coming medium of fulldome display.

“What Spitz has done for digital animation with its technologies and the DLA-QX1G is truly cutting edge,” said Jack Faiman, vice president, Digital Systems Division of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “The QX1 maximizes the fulldome display medium with its QXGA resolution, 7000 ANSI lumens and 1000:1 contrast for images with the super contrast and crisp detail.”

The Spitz “ElectricSky II” fulldome system displays bright, ultra high-resolution graphics onto large, spherical projection domes. The technological breakthrough utilizes two JVC QX1 projectors, located in the center of the dome theater. The QX1 projector delivers stunning projection images with ultra-high 3.2M-pixel resolution and superb color reproduction capability for true film-like picture quality. Three high-performance QXGA (2048 x 1536) 1.3" D-ILA devices combine to produce a dramatic high-resolution picture.

Both displays were projected through fisheye lenses, and the imagery perfectly overlapped, using custom software developed by Spitz. The result is the bright, crisp computer-graphic imagery that entirely fills the massive projection dome.

“The QX1 the highest resolution video projector in the world,” said Ed Lantz, product development director of Spitz, Inc. “We are extremely pleased with the reception we received at SIGGRAPH and anticipate similar success in planetarium theaters with very large domes.”

The QX1 is based on the unique JVC Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) technology. Image quality is superb with excellent reproduction of even the smallest details, making it the ideal projector for e-cinema productions, HDTV theaters, electronic cinemas, simulations, 3D imaging, post production and commercial distribution.

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