VR-N100U Video Network Recorders and IP Cameras Provide an All-Digital,All-Wireless IP Security Solution for Jacksonville Seaport

DALLAS, TX (September 27, 2004) – JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced today the completion of the first-ever large-scale, totally wireless IP-network monitoring and surveillance installation. The system was designed and implemented for the Jacksonville Seaport (JAXPORT) to significantly increase its port security. Among the many leading IP wireless technologies, the critical component of this all-digital, all-wireless solution is the JVC VR-N100U, which provides the IP networking, video recording, and camera management capabilities.

Based on strict guidelines from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as their own desire for increased security, JAXPORT wanted to add a high-tech video monitoring solution to complement their existing systems. The JAXPORT solution, completed in August 2004, combined the ease of wireless communications with multiple IP components and intelligent motion detection software for a security application that enables streaming of high-quality live video to patrol cars. Security personnel now have the most sophisticated tools to identify and catch intruders before any significant damage can occur.

The JAXPORT surveillance solution is the most advanced IP monitoring and security system in the country,” said Steve Martin, assistant vice president of the Video Imaging Systems Division for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “We’ve validated the VR-N100U network recording system’s strength and unparalleled ease of use while providing an affordable solution to JAXPORT’s next-generation security needs.”

The JAXPORT system uses multiple VR-N100Us that are capable of integrating and managing thousands of video cameras under a single IP over an Ethernet IP network. The VR-N100Us store all individual camera data; only video from the requested camera is transmitted to the network level, eliminating a serious and potential drain on JAXPORT’s network bandwidth. The completely wireless-based solution also saved considerable time, expense and difficulty of laying and maintaining over 1,600 acres of cabling.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL-based Quality Communications Fire and Safety, Inc. was the systems integrator for the JAXPORT project. “We brought JVC in as a value engineering entity to provide a much better solution as well as additional costs savings,” said Steve Haney, regional construction manager of Quality Communications. “The VR-N100Us were a dream to install and implement with the multiple cameras throughout the seaports. The system is executing extremely well for JAXPORT and JVC products and system support are a key component of this success.”

Multiple security cameras are strategically placed throughout the seaports, each wirelessly connected to a VR-N100, which sends video to ObjectVideo tracking software at 10 frames per second, 320x240 resolution. When the tracking software detects a rule violation and triggers an alarm, the video is sent back to the VR-N100, which sends an audible alert and the image to the patrol officer’s laptop in 680x480, VGA resolution at 30 fps, allowing a more immediate and accurate image to help them identify, track and catch the intruder. The system also displays live video, which can be controlled by the security officer, and includes an industry-standard pre-alarm, allowing the officer to play back video prior to the incident.

Multiple organizations worked together to design and implement the JAXPORT solution. Han-Padron Associates (HPA), which holds a five-year on-call contract for JAXPORT’s marine engineering services, brought in Russ & Baruzzini, a St. Louis-based company with security expertise in the transportation market, to assist in the system’s design. Quality Communications was awarded the job of implementing the security solution, which featured JVC technologies.

The combination of Object Video tracking software, Cisco Aeronet wireless communications and Trango Broadband multi-point microwave equipment and advanced IP surveillance products from JVC has enabled JAXPORT to successfully deploy a complete surveillance solution while remaining cost effective.

JVC’s VR-N100U, is the centerpiece in a complete line of digital/IP products that include fixed, pan/tilt and dome cameras, encoders, recorders and software. For high-resolution images, and further information including availability and technical specifications on the entire line, visit JVC’s Web site at


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