The DLA-HD2K Provides Native 1920x1080 Images in a Lightweight,
Cost Effective Package

ATLANTA, GA (June 9, 2004) – JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced the release of the high resolution, super contrast DLA-HD2K compact projector. Featuring three of JVC’s newly developed Native High Definition (HD) Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) devices, the DLA-HD2K is JVC’s first HD projector offering full 1920x1080 resolution and is by far the smallest and lightest full HD projector in the industry. The DLA-HD2K is uniquely positioned to address the high-resolution, high-quality graphic/image needs of government and industry segments and for demanding applications where true 1920x1080 HD is desired.

The DLA-HD2K’s native 1920x1080 resolution precisely matches the resolution of HD broadcasts and recordings, and allows them to be viewed in the highest quality with original picture detail. JVC’s exclusive D-ILA chip technology achieves this technological feat, using an advanced form of Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) that is capable of greater pixel density than competing technologies such as DLP or LCD. Previously, obtaining this level of resolution required much larger chips, and resulted in large, bulky and very expensive projectors.

Without a doubt, the DLA-HD2K sets a new standard in image quality with high resolution and super contrast. The tight pixel spacing of the D-ILA technology enables the viewer to be very close to the screen without seeing the annoying pixel grid effect found in competing projection technologies so users can take full advantage of the advanced resolution of this extraordinary projector,” explained Gary Klasmeier, Product Marketing Manager D-ILA Products of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “These images can be viewed for hours at a time without experiencing eye fatigue. D-ILA technology is highly reliable for command and control, high-resolution surveillance and other critical-use applications.”

In addition to its ultra-high resolution that produces images with natural but deeply saturated colors, the DLA-HD2K also features a 2000:1 contrast ratio for deep rich cinema-quality blacks with smooth gradations and low noise, particularly in darker areas of less than 20 percent video level. Color temperature is factory-set to D65 assuring accurate color reproduction and rich, natural colors, especially suitable for use in side-by-side or multi-screen panoramas. For applications that require multiple images on a single screen, users can put six 640x480 images in its native resolution on a 1920x1080 panel.

With the DLA-HD2K, JVC has achieved a significantly reduced running cost through utilization of an NSH lamp. Its user-replaceable lamp lasts 2000 hours and costs less than $500 — far less than competing models. Its low running cost is especially attractive for the government and business sectors that run multiple screens 24/7. JVC's D-ILA devices are rated at more than 100,000 hours.

Unlike bulky units, the DLA-HD2K’s projector head is only (11-23/32" x 5-9/32" x 14-3/16"/298 x 134 x 360mm) and weighs a mere 13.2 lbs. Achieving such high resolution and high quality images in such a compact package makes the DLA-HD2K field deployable for military operations such as training simulations. The DLA-HD2K also holds strong appeal for such markets as medical imaging, auto design, video post-production and screening rooms for solutions where high resolution/high quality graphics generation are the focus, including command and control, 3D mapping, digital signage, multi-screen panoramas, digital intermediaries and high-resolution surveillance.

Using JVC’s proprietary optical engine, the DLA-HD2K is specifically designed to produce cinema standard illumination levels on 16x9 screens. Three separate imaging panels in the D-ILA device eliminate the need for a color wheel so there is no “rainbow effect.” Each D-ILA pixel is a non-moving highly reflective mirror surface behind layers of liquid crystal. Since the mirrors do not move, they can be placed very close together which virtually eliminates the “screen door effect” visible in other projection technologies.

The DLA-HD2K requires a digital input source conforming to 1080 progressive, via a DVI-D digital interface. It’s an ideal projector for those playing back Windows Media 9 files through a personal computer. It’s also ideally suited for application-specific systems that use 1080 progressive.

JVC will offer the DLA-HD2K bundled with a digital electronics processor co-developed with Faroudja, a division of Genesis® Microchip and a company renowned worldwide for creating powerful video processing and technologies. The video processor can be connected to various video components and accepts a wide variety of video inputs including 480i/480p/720p/1080i via analog or digital inputs and is fully HDCP compliant. The unit is capable of converting standard analog and digital DVI video to a high-resolution 1080 progressive 60 digital video signal, which can be transmitted via the DVI-D connector to the projector.

The system’s smaller-size, two-piece design allows for a clean and simple, less conspicuous installation as the lightweight projector is more flexible and easier to hang from a ceiling. It is connected to the digital video processor by a single zero-loss digital cable (DVI-D) transmitting the 1080/60p signal. The projector head and processor can be separated by up to 160 feet. This configuration keeps the cabling to other electronic components to an absolute minimum length while preserving full digital quality at the projector head.

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