Software Tools in the Pro Indie HD Toolkit and Indie HD Toolkit Easily Bring JY-HD10U Camera Footage into Final Cut Pro for Editing

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 19, 2004) – JVCPROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced that St. Louis, MO-based HEURIS has joined the growing list of companies creating products that support JVC’s revolutionary JY-HD10U hand-held high definition (HD) camera, and the JVC mission of delivering affordable HD products to the market. The Pro Indie HD Toolkit and the Indie HD Toolkit both offer a series of software tools developed by HEURIS that let videographers bring footage, shot with the JY-HD10U camera, into Apple’s immensely popular Final Cut Pro digital video editing program.

With the release of the Pro Indie HD Toolkit and the Indie HD Toolkit, HEURIS has enabled a significantly larger filmmaking audience to use the JVC’s HDV camera for their HD image capture needs. HEURIS has provided the link between the affordable JY-HD10U and the advanced capability and editing functionality within Final Cut Pro.

 The Pro Indie HD Toolkit features three powerful software tools: the MPEG Power Professional (MPP-DTVHD), DTV-HD MPEG-2 encoding software, the XtoHD player utility and the XtractorHDV import utility. The XtractorHDV automatically pulls — or extracts — audio and video from the JY-HD10U into Final Cut Pro through a firewire connection. Users simply select the video to be transferred for editing.

The Indie HD Toolkit differs from the Pro version as it replaces the full featured MPP-DTVHD with the XportHD MPEG2 plug in, and offers a list price of under $500. With the XportHD MPEG2 plug in for QuickTime, video shot with the JY-HD10U is encoded to MPEG2 transport streams, which is transferred to D-VHS via the XtoHD tool. Users can distribute footage using QuickTime or to Adobe's After Effects and Apple's QuickTime MoviePlayer or standard definition (SD) for DVD or VHS distribution.

"Our goal is to make HD technology accessible for all video and filmmakers," said HEURIS President, Brian Quandt. "With this goal in mind, we made the encoding part of the process even easier with our new XportHD encoding software. This one-button HD encoding process makes HD delivery a snap. And the new price can’t help but make this technology available to an even larger group of talented shooters and producers"

The Pro Indie HD Toolkit is priced at under $5,000.00, and the Indie HD Toolkit at under $500.00 Both are available for purchase on the HEURIS Web site.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, HEURIS has served as a leading manufacturer of video compression and processing tools and applications for over a decade. From the Internet, to DVD, to HDTV, to Hollywood Movies—HEURIS has developed an impressive group of award-winning tools for video production and post-production applications. More information about HEURIS Logic is available on the Web site at


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