MediaWare’s MPEG editXpress Offers Native Editing Support for High Definition Video Shot with the JY-HD10U

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 19, 2004) – JVCPROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced that Australia-based MediaWare Solutions has joined the growing list of companies creating products that support JVC’s revolutionary JY-HD10U hand-held high definition (HD) camera, and the JVC mission of delivering affordable HD products to the market. MediaWare’s new MPEG editXpress, uses third-generation, frame-accurate MPEG-2 HD and standard definition (SD) technology. The editor provides JY-HD10U users with fast efficient native MPEG-2 editing. This standard package is designed for professionals and anyone who wants professional results, and is ideal for news field editing, broadcast editing, sporting events field editing and "prosumer" home editing.

MediaWare’s MPEG editXpress’ frame-accurate native MPEG-2 editor preserves video quality and offers a faster editing solution over those that require content to be decoded or converted to another type of compression. This timeline-based native MPEG-2 editing system features variable input and output media formats for video, audio and MPEG packetization, frame-accurate navigation and clip selection, three-point editing with dedicated Source and Program monitors and many other advanced professional features.

“MPEG editXpress is designed by people who eat, breathe and live by MPEG-2,” explained David Keightley, founder and vice president at MediaWare. “Our software is nimble, responsive and agile, it’s not slow, clunky or overly complex. MPEG editXpress is designed from the ground-up as an MPEG editor, not a DV editor with a plug-in. There is no transcoding into other formats, therefore there is no loss of quality when you edit.”

In line with JVC’s message and mission to deliver Affordable HD products, the agile MPEG editXpress software does not require high-end computing. MPEG editXpress will be in beta at NAB 2004 and is expected to ship to customers in May 2004.

MediaWare Solutions (MWS) develops leading products and technologies for sale and license to industry. Key MWS technologies provide customers with innovative capabilities for MPEG video management, navigating and editing. With MediaWare products large unwieldy digital video files become easily accessed assets for marketing, entertainment and information retrieval. MWS MPEG tools deliver fast visual indexing, scene and shot separation with standard still frame output for integration into database systems and networked video browsers as well as powerful stand-alone MPEG video processing. For a full description of their products see their Web pages at or email at


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