DM-JV600U and DM-D4600U Touring the Country in E-N-G Mobile Systems’ HD-ENG Live TV News Van


WAYNE, NJ (October 28, 2004) – JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY announced today that E-N-G MOBILE SYSTEMS, Inc., has selected the DM-JV600U and DM-D4600U(c) MPEG-2 encoder and decoder to be part of its first high definition (HD) electronic newsgathering (ENG) Live-TV News Van, currently touring the country. E-N-G’s cutting edge news van is designed to meet the growing market for HD broadcasting, and with its affordable, professional HD MPEG-2 encoder and companion decoder, JVC has made it practical and realistic for broadcasters and news outlets to perform live, remote-HD broadcasts.

The Concord, CA-based E-N-G Mobile Systems, designers and manufacturers of vehicle-based systems for the broadcast industry, will be demonstrating its latest technologically advanced news van at upcoming regional Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) shows as well as several smaller venues across the country. The E-N-G News Van will showcase the JVC DM-JV600U encoder and DM-D4600U(c) decoder working with BMS’ TruckCoder II (TCII) COFDM transmitter and i ntegrated receiver decoder (IRD). At each of E-N-G’s shows, broadcasters and interested parties will be able to see for themselves how the combination of products enables affordable HD transmission utilizing current analog or digital microwave system technology.

“E-N-G built an HD ENG news van with all the latest high technology in it that will be the envy of every broadcast news operation in the country,” said Lawrence Librach, assistant vice president Business Development Broadcast & Entertainment for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “JVC is pleased that the DM-JV600U and D4600U(c) are part of such as sophisticated solution and in the same company as industry leading products from Marshall, Apple and BMS.”

The DM-JV600U is a multi-format 4:2:0/4:2:2 HDTV encoder with Dolby audio pass-through that offers compatibility with multiple microwave radio systems — both analog and digital. Incorporating advanced MPEG-2 encoding technologies exclusive to JVC, the DM-JV600U encoder takes SMPTE-292M HD-SDI signals and encodes them into a compressed HD MPEG-2 a transport stream provided through its two DVB-ASI interfaces.

Using the JVC DM-JV600U for their HD ENG capabilities, broadcasters have the ability to mix the HD signal coming off the microwave radio receiver in the station with their live HD signal. The technology provides for the most complete and stunning HD news broadcast available.

E-N-G joins other broadcast outlets using the DM-JV600U encoder or the combination DM-JV600U encoder and DM-D4600U(c) decoder to cost-effectively shoot and transmit footage in pure HD from news vans, helicopters and/or airships and go straight to air. Most recently, Goodyear implemented JVC technology to broadcast HD images from the Spirit of Goodyear Blimp during ABC’s Monday Night Football games and other sporting events.

The HD-ENG Live-TV News Van will be appearing at the SBE shows in Seattle, Phoenix and Dallas and making stops in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque and Denver. For more information on the DM-JV600U encoder, visit the JVC Web site at


E-N-G MOBILE SYSTEMS, Inc., an originator and innovator in the design of TV News Vans, is a privately held company that designs, integrates, and manufactures vehicle-based systems for the broadcast, laboratory, and telecommunications industries. For additional information on broadcast vans, contact Howard Kirsch at 1-800- 662-4522, e-mail, or visit E-N-G’s website,


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