The Fifth-Generation MC-8000LU Offers Increased Performance and Flexibility

WAYNE, NJ (June 24, 2004) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the release of its next generation jukebox. The new fifth-generation MC-8000LU family of DVD/CD jukeboxes offers all of the industry-leading features and functions that customers have come to expect from JVC, plus the ability to natively support Low Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI for significant flexibility and increased performance. The MC-8000LU product line offers a more cost-effective solution for document management and archiving operations in IT organizations across the board as well as the medical imaging and security, financial, legal and pharmaceutical industries where record retention and compliance are imperative.

“The latest generation of jukeboxes affirms JVC’s commitment in the storage market and in a niche where we are clear industry leaders — DVD technology,” said Robert Harris, vice president of marketing for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS. “DVDs are ubiquitous in today’s computers, portable and relatively inexpensive to use versus tape backup systems and have a longer shelf life; an extremely important feature in industries held to strict compliance regulations.”

The faster performance of the MC-8000LU allows JVC to keep pace with the newer drive speeds and support the faster host bus adapters that are available today. The new jukeboxes store up to

five terabytes of data and can now handle faster data throughput as the 16-bit SCSI bus supports up to 80 MBps — eight times faster than the other single-ended jukebox products. Supporting an overall cable length of 12 meters (nearly 40 feet), the MC-8000LU also allows for more flexible installations.

“The MC-8000LU’s enhanced features will provide increased reliability and faster throughput; precisely what our customers have been demanding,” says Bob Shinmachi vice president of technology for Trident, JVC’s technology partner. “The jukebox can now be physically installed further away from its server, eliminating the need for SCSI repeaters and without sacrificing data integrity.”

In addition to the new enhancements to the jukebox, JVC is also introducing a new LVD drive, the MC-R434U Multi-DVD Recorder. This new drive offers faster performance and supports reading and writing of all standard formats (4X DVD-R 3X DVD-RAM, 12X CD-R, 8X CD-RW), plus all of the benefits of LVD SCSI.  This single drive offers customers the highest level of flexibility, giving them the choice of media to use with the JVC jukebox. The MC-8000LU comes in 100-, 200- and 600-disc capacity models that support as many as six drives, single and/or double-sided media, and is the only jukebox that can support a color disc printer.

JVC continues to develop and bring new storage and archiving products to market that offer faster performance and higher level of compatibility to keep pace with the industry.  These new LVD products are completely backwards compatible, and existing JVC customers will have upgrade paths for their single-ended products.



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