Rugged New TK-C205VPU Designed for High-Security Application Needs

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 31, 2004) – JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced the launch of its newest vandal-resistant fixed-dome color security camera, the TK-C205VPU. The latest addition to JVC’s growing line of security cameras and security solutions features an environmental, IP 66 rated dome housing designed for higher security and outdoor applications such as automated teller machines (ATMs), large warehouses, educational institutions, and even penitentiaries and detention centers.

“As we continue to grow our line of security and surveillance cameras based on JVC’s superior professional camera expertise, we’re responding to the various needs of the growing security market,” explained Scott Watson, vice president Video Imaging Systems Division of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “The TK-C205VPU was specifically designed for high-security applications with features and functionalities that will prevent potential sabotage .”

A growing and highly relevant segment of the security market requires extra precautions to prevent damage to their surveillance cameras. To satisfy the extreme durability needs of this market and still provide high quality image output, JVC designed the TK-C205VPU with all of its superior camera technologies as well as vandal-prevention features such as special mounting screws that make the camera more difficult to remove.

The fixed dome has a strong appeal for outdoor applications with its effectiveness in tracking activity and its intimidating presence. With a rugged housing and special heating components to address extreme cold weather (up to -40 degrees centigrade) conditions built in; the TK-C205VPU’s design is strong enough to withstand the elements and continue to produce high-quality images. In addition to a more aesthetic presentation, the camera can be adjusted to any angle, helping to deter would-be perpetrators or vandals who are unaware of where the camera is focused.

The TK-C205VPU fixed-dome camera features the new ¼” high resolution CCD, offering 535 TVL, the highest specification of any camera in its price class. JVC’s new DSP constantly updates the key image parameters and automatically adjusts the camera’s parameters to ensure sharp and natural pictures. Enhanced lighting functions, such as Manual/Automatic White tracking and Backlight Compensation, and a high signal-to-noise ratio of 50dB ensure quality image capture and produces crisp images even under the most demanding conditions and in the most difficult locations.

The TK-C205VPU camera provides 535 TV lines of horizontal resolution from a ¼” high 380,000 effective pixel CCD for high-resolution images with extremely accurate color reproduction . The camera offers great sensitivity, with 0.8 lux (25% video) with a clear dome and automatic gain control (AGC) on. Combined with JVC’s enhanced lighting features, the Super-LoLux functionality enables the capture of reliable, highly accurate images even in the most rugged conditions.


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