VR-N100U Line of Video Data Recorders and IP Cameras Provide Total IP Security Solution

LAS VEGAS , NV (March 31, 2004) – J VC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today formally launched its line of VR-N100U network video recorders. Featuring a digital recorder and Web server in one package, the VR-N100U-360 and VR-N100U-900 provide easy configuration and management of large-scale, IP-based security systems while keeping bandwidth requirements to a minimum. The first completely digital IP solution that is both practical and cost effective, JVC’s VR-N100U line offers expandable, efficient, high-quality surveillance systems with IP connectivity to the growing security and surveillance markets.

The JVC VR-N100U combines video cameras communicating over an Ethernet IP network with digital recording and network control. Each VR-N100U server can manage and record up to 16 IP cameras, and multiple VR-N100Us can be easily managed over a standard 100 BaseT Ethernet network via a standard Web browser. The VR-N100Us store all individual camera data locally on the back channeland offer the ability to view and manage data remotely or locally. Systems designed with VR-N100Us eliminate a serious and potential drain on network bandwidth as only video from the requested cameras is transmitted at the network level.

“ The VR-N100U is a networked solution that allows for high-quality images to be viewed and managed with optimal bandwidth usage ,” explained Scott Watson, Vice President Video Imaging Systems Division of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “For today’s large-scale, enterprise-level security and surveillance needs, staying within the digital realm with IP cameras and the VR-N100U is the optimal means of managing hundreds or thousands of cameras over the Internet easily and cost-effectively.”

Implementing a completely digital solution using the VR-N100U and IP cameras also enables security operations to prevent the degradation of video quality caused by an analog camera’s compression/digitization of composite video to the standard video data recorder.

A Networked Solution

The JVC VR-N100U is an embedded solution complete with camera, storage and network security management in a single system. Its architecture can support thousands of cameras on a 100 BaseT Ethernet network through a single IP address and can be managed independent of any operating system. The system is scalable, letting companies add additional network video recorders, cameras and storage hardware as their needs dictate.

As new cameras are added to the system, a discovery packet is sent by the VR-N100U to the camera to identify and configure the camera automatically, as well as to add the camera to the dynamic firewall. The system utilizes a Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage that records unalterable video, ensuring video integrity . Live and archived video can be accessed and managed through a standard Web browser, and the VR-N100U boasts integrated and easy to use search functionality for quick visual data retrieval.

Optimized software and settings in the VR-N100U enable seamless compatibility between the VRN and video cameras, notably the JVC VN-C11U and VN-C30U, as well as any conventional analog camera with the optional JVC VN-A1UA network encoder. The VRN eliminates the need for coaxial cable, and allows digital video to be recorded directly to the network device. Connection between the camera, VR-N100U and network is via standard CAT 5, CAT5R or CAT 6 twisted pair cable.


The VR-N100U-360 provides 360 GB of storage while the VR-N100U-900 has the capacity to store up to .9 Terabytes. Implemented into a basic large-scale security system, the VR-N100U-360 and the VR-N100U-900 provide up to ten or 30 days of video data storage, respectively under commonly used frame rate requirements. A 120GB drive is also provided for emergency back up.

Customers with large capacity needs, such ascasinos, airports or other businesses that require frequent video retrieval from storage, can increase their storage capacity with an available JVC expansion chassis that offers up to six terabytes of capacity. The VR-N100U also works with JVC MC-8000 Series DVD/CD Library for large-scale optical storage.

Supports V.NETWORKS Cameras

The VN-C30U and VN-C11U security cameras feature an all-in-one design with a built-in Web server and an FTP client, letting them deliver the same high-quality images to any and all computers on the network. The cameras can be easily connected to an existing Ethernet network and assigned an IP address, or discovered via DHCP when used with the VR-N100U. The cameras offer a high-resolution 380,000 pixel CCD, F1.4 lens and MPEG-1 and JPEG compression, while the VN-C30U also features a 15X optical zoom lens, remote pan and tilt mechanism.

Each camera attached to the VR-N100U can be custom programmed with recording options based on priority, individual frame rate, individual resolution and more. Only images from priority cameras are then transmitted via the network, unless specifically requested from another video data recorder. An alarm function alerts the operator to changes in status of cameras so that nothing is missed. The VR-N100U also lets users access and manage live and archived video via a standard Browser. The video data recorder supports all popular operating system (OS) platforms, allowing easy compatibility.

The VR-N100U is the latest in a long line of JVC digital/IP products designed to provide superior image quality and convenience while providing a platform that will grow with technology and a company’s needs. Availability information, technical specifications and high-resolution photos are available on the JVC Web site at:


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