JVC and Panamorph Introduce Dual Aspect Ratio Home Theater Projection System
New Motorized Panamorph Lens System Delivers Full Resolution to Both 16:9 and 2.35:1 Content from High Performance JVC D-ILA Projectors

WAYNE, NJ (September 7, 2005) – JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY and Panamorph, Inc. today announce the introduction of a new projection system package combining the industry leading performance of JVC’s D-ILA projectors with a custom version of Panamorph’s new motorized anamorphic lens. The package allows home theaters to use the full resolution of the projector to display both 16:9 content typical of HDTV and the wider 2.35:1 format of the most popular movies. The system will be demonstrated at JVC Professional Products booth located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Illinois Street Ballroom during the CEDIA trade show in Indianapolis, September 9-11.

“We’re very excited to be working with Panamorph to introduce this revolutionary new concept in high performance home theater,” said Gary Klasmeier, product engineering manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. “When integrated with masking screens, customers can watch both popular wide screen formats perfectly framed and with maximum resolution – no unused pixels and no black bars.”

The motorized lens system operates to position the Panamorph out of the beam for all but 2.35:1 content. When 2.35:1 content is desired, the motorized lens is moved into place by its included remote or by a third party controller and the content is electronically processed to fill the entire 16:9 format of the projector. The Panamorph optics reformats the image back to 2.35:1 so that the full resolution of the projector and light output is used.

“What is unique about this dual aspect system is that it operates on a 16:9 native screen – the most popular screen format for home theater,” said Shawn Kelly, CEO of Panamorph, Inc. “In other words, this mode of the system is ‘constant width’ so that the throw distance of the projector and width of the screen do not change. The result is that the 2.35:1 format of most movies is displayed with the highest resolution per unit area to get as close to the original film image as possible.”

The system can also be used with a non-motorized, permanently positioned Panamorph lens and external scaling device to produce a “constant height” system using a 2.35:1 format screen. This mode is important for home theaters where movies represent the primary content.

Both JVC and Panamorph will sell their respective products through their own distribution channels. For more information about JVC projectors visit JVC’s Web site at For more information about Panamorph lenses visit Panamorph’s web site at

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