Joint Partnership Offers Technical Consultation for Filmmakers

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 24, 2006) - JVC Professional Products Company and DuArt, a New York-based Film & Video facility today announce the creation of The Digital Den at DuArt, a complimentary service and resource center for filmmakers and post-production specialists. The Digital Den offers filmmakers technical consultation on their digital projects, including camera options and settings, workflow analysis, and the opportunity to screen their works-in-progress on a JVC Digital Cinema projection system.

The advent of low cost HD acquisition has created a myriad of exciting but often confusing options for filmmakers - making access to reliable information and expertise more important than ever. "As the nation's oldest film lab, DuArt is in a unique position to provide consultation to filmmakers," said Andrew Young, DuArt's vice president of special projects. "We have cinematographers as well as engineers on hand to evaluate footage, discuss workflows and to make recommendations."

In addition, the Digital Den will give digital filmmakers the opportunity to evaluate their work-in-progress on the big screen with JVC's native HD resolution projector. "Back in the old days we screened everything, because it was film," said Mr. Young, who is also an Oscar-Nominated filmmaker. "We want to give digital filmmakers that same level of feedback, so there are only pleasant surprises when a project finally reaches the big screen."

Increasingly, small format cameras such as JVC's GY-HD100U are being used to create compelling works for the big screen. The GY-HD100U is well-suited to this work because it produces full HD resolution progressive images at 24 frames per second, making it ideal for transfer to film. However, getting the best results on film requires the proper camera settings as well as attention to camera technique and exposure.

"The GY-HD100U opened high definition cinematography to producers who are now creating outstanding works. Because of its affordability, JVC's ProHD empowers producers to invest a greater portion of production budgets into the creative process, " said JVC's Craig Yanagi, national marketing manager, creation products. "Access to an ideal resource like the experts at Digital Den is invaluable for filmmakers considering the transition to Digital Cinematography." DuArt will host the Digital Den at its New York location at 245 West 55 Street and will contribute its eight decades of experience in film, video, audio and digital post-production. JVC will help make the Digital Den a reality through the contribution of key equipment, including a JVC digital cinema projector, which filmmakers can use for screening purposes.

For more information about the Digital Den or to make an appointment for consultation, contact Andrew Young at DuArt, 917-522-5668.

Founded in 1922, DuArt is the oldest continuously operated motion picture lab in the world. DuArt's commitment to technical innovation and its active role in supporting the independent film community has earned the company numerous awards, including two Oscars from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Digital Den is therefore a natural extension of DuArt's long-standing commitment to the filmmaking community. For more information about DuArt, visit

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