LAS VEGAS, NV (April 24, 2006) - JVC Professional Products Company today introduced the DLA-HRM1, the first reference monitor that utilizes its innovative 3-chip Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILAŠ) technology with 1920x1080 pixels to deliver outstanding image quality. This 48-inch reference monitor is the most recent addition to JVC's already impressive line of ProHD products for HD post-production, broadcast and government installations.

In an age when even home TV sets have the capability of displaying native 1920 x 1080 images, it is essential that broadcast and production facilities be able to see all of the image, including image defects, that could be seen by the viewing audience. Previously it was thought that only a CRT could provide the contrast and detail necessary for high end monitoring. But CRT studio reference monitors simply don't have the resolution necessary to see the complete picture.

The DLA-HRM1 is a radical departure from conventional CRT based reference monitors. The monitor features superior digital processing, with a color gamut that exceeds Rec. 709 and a remarkable contrast ratio of a 3000:1. The case's design allows users to mount the monitor upright or inverted to achieve optimum screen height of either a standing or seated workstation.

"With our fine pitch D-ILAŠ technology, the DLA-HRM1 can resolve all 1920x1080 pixels, which is not typical of the CRT products currently available and being used for HD reference monitoring," said Carl Mandelbaum, national marketing manager, Display Products, JVC Professional Products Company. "With its highly accurate and extremely vivid display, the DLA-HRM1 brings another high quality product to JVC's existing lineup of ProHD displays."

Designed with a custom high resolution and low geometric distortion lens, image clarity is maintained even at the extreme edge of the image. The DLA-HRM1 offers a high contrast, high resolution, anti- glare screen to achieve superior imaging performance. In addition, its larger viewing area allows the operator to easily manage film grain or other fine details in the source material while enabling viewers observing around the monitor to see extremely accurate and high quality images.

Its low operating cost 2000 hour 250 Watt NSH lamp makes this reference monitor a cost effective and ideal solution for Broadcast, HD Post Production, HD surveillance operations, animation suites and high resolution computer workstations. In addition, the DLA-HRM1 is lightweight and measures 30 inches deep, making it extremely transportable. Excellent geometry and uniformity are maintained even if the monitor is moved from room to room.

The DLA-HRM1 features 170 cd/m2 (50 ft.L) with an optional brightness adjust option that allows for brightness calibration. The monitor accepts a wide variety of computer signals and digital video inputs including HD-SDI (SMPTE 292), SDI, DVI, and HDMI and analog inputs that include a wide selection of computer resolutions, component, S-Video, and composite.

The DLA-HRM1 is currently available. Suggested list price for this product is $44,995. Further information and high-resolution photos are available on the Web at

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