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LAS VEGAS, NV (September 24, 2007) – JVC continues to expand and strengthen its IP network video recorder product lineup with the launch of the VR-N1600U, a plug and play network video recorder that includes live viewing, recording and playback of IP cameras for medium to enterprise surveillance systems.

The introduction of JVC’s 16-channel VR-N1600U follows the successful launch of the 9-channel VR-N900U in the spring. Similar to the VR-N900U, the VR-N1600U network video recorder comes with pre-installed, fully licensed Milestone Xprotect software for 16 IP camera inputs.

As with all JVC’s surveillance products, the high-performance VR-N1600U is extremely reliable and easy to integrate with existing surveillance systems. This is an important factor in today’s changing and expanding security marketplace,” said Geoff Anderson, National Marketing Manager, Security Products, JVC Professional Products Company. “The VR-N1600U is the perfect solution for network based surveillance locally and over the Internet.”

The VR-N1600U design provides simple configuration and management of any surveillance application using conventional front panel controls, which is a key feature for easy setup. An optional keyboard and mouse can be added for PC like functionality. For enterprise level IP-based security systems, multiple VR-N1600Us can be connected via network servers. In addition, the VR-N1600U operates as a stand-alone unit without the need for a PC and is plug and play compatible with existing network infrastructure. This box also supports multiple monitors by adding an optional display card.

The VR-N1600U records high quality motion JPEG or MPEG-4 images up to 240 fps at VGA 640 x 480 resolution. Those images are stored on the built-in 500 GB HDD and can be upgraded with to 1TB with an additional 500 GB HDD.

In addition, the VR-N1600U has an automatic IP camera detection function and can automatically assign the IP addresses of each device from the built-in DHCP server. The VR-N1600U also features eight alarm inputs, which can be directly connected to such devices as PIR security sensors and door contacts. A built in network time server provides time synchronization to cameras and other system devices like access control.
The VR-N1600U Remote Client feature provides access for up to 10 users to view the images and the triplex capability allows authorized users to view live and recorded images simultaneously even as the box is still recording. The VR-N1600U has VCR/DVR-like jog/shuttle and front panel controls including and RGB monitor making it extremely easy to use for all security personnel.

The VR-N1600U is rack-mountable and via its external USB port, users can add additional 4TB of storage to the recorder. The unit also supports RAID 1 (mirroring) internally and is compliant with network attached storage devices (NAS) for video archiving.  For added flexibility, two network ports, 1000 base (Gigabit) for capturing video streams from IP cameras or encoders and 100 base for remote viewing are available.
For further information and high-resolution photos of the VR-N1600U, visit JVC’s web site http://pro.jvc.com/newsroom. The VR-N1600U network video recorder will be available in the fall 2007.


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