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3-chip, 1080p D-ILA projector delivers true, deep black levels and sparkling detail.

LONG BEACH, CA, November 7, 2007 – JVC Professional Products Company today expanded its 1080p home theater projector line with the introduction of the DLA-RS2, a new high definition projector that achieves an unprecedented native contrast ratio of 30,000:1, an industry first. By avoiding artificial means of inflating contrast specifications, such as a dynamic iris, the DLA-RS2 simultaneously delivers true blacks and sparkling luminance detail, providing a notably enriched cinematic experience.

The new DLA-RS2 complements the recently launched breakthrough DLA-RS1U 1080p D-ILA home theater projector. The DLA-RS2 establishs unparalleled price-performance benchmarks, and the two D-ILA projectors combine to broaden the market reach of JVC’s D-ILA front projector offerings.

To attain a native contrast ratio of 30,000:1, the DLA-RS2 employs original and proprietary JVC technology in the 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA devices and optical engine. Three D-ILA devices are used, one each for red, green and blue. The projector also offers HDMI 1.3, improved color rendition by broadening the color space, a motorized Fujinon 2x zoom lens, and customized on-screen gamma control.

The projector's new 0.7-inch 1920 x 1080 D-ILA devices reduce stray light caused by the dispersion and diffraction of reflected light. JVC decreased orientation irregularities by reducing the gaps between pixels, adopting improved liquid crystals and other innovative technologies, enabling the device itself to achieve a contrast ratio of 40,000 to 1.

The enhanced optical engine dramatically improves the precision of light polarization, helping to prevent light leakage into the projection lens and allowing for true black level reproduction. For optimum image quality, the new projector incorporates video processors from Gennum Corporation that offers high-precision scaling and Gennum’s VXP™ technologies.

The DLA-RS2’s high performance 2x zoom lens made by Fujinon Corporation features a large-diameter, all-glass lens assembly with 16 elements in 13 groups. This lens minimizes chromatic aberration and provides a high-resolution picture by ensuring that individual pixels remain perfectly focused on the screen. For placement flexibility, the projector features ±80 percent vertical and ±34 percent horizontal lens shift. It can easily be ceiling mounted or placed on a tabletop or shelf.
To tailor the picture to suit individual preferences, the DLA-RS2 offers manual adjustment of gamma via the remote control and an on-screen display. Primary RGB colors can be individually adjusted.

The DLA-RS2 incorporates two HDMI inputs compatible with version 1.3 specifications, allowing users to take full advantage of the higher 225 MHz bandwidth, increased color depth of billions of colors, and enhanced resolution and frame rates.

The projector also offers a new V-Stretch function for the most efficient projection of extra wide screen anamorphic movies when used with an optional anamorphic projection lens. For example, 2.35:1 ratio images from these film images are normally viewed with letterbox black bands at the top and bottom of the screen. With V-Stretch, the image is expanded vertically so that every part of the D-ILA device is utilized to create the image, increasing brightness and sharpness. JVC offers the optional RSAL1 anamorphic lens (MSRP $6,495) which stretches the image to its full extra wide 2.35:1 image ratio, just as seen in motion picture theaters.

The DLA-RS2 is shown at EH Expo accompanied by an array of certified peripherals as part of JVC Professional Product Company’s Reference Series line. Among these peripherals are the RSVP1, an advanced hub permitting single cable connection to the projector of a variety of HD and SD input sources. The RSVP1’s embedded signal processing circuitry accommodates custom settings programmed by the installer. The RSAL1 motorized anamorphic lens enables 2.35 aspect ratio projection using all 1920x1080 D-ILA pixels. Constant screen height is provided when displaying 16:9 images. The DLA-RS2 is shipping in November with a retail price of $7,995.

JVC Professional Products Company, located in Wayne, New Jersey, is a leading manufacturer of home theater products distributes a complete line of broadcast, professional, and security equipment. For more information about this, or any other JVC Professional Products product, contact JVC at (800) 582-5825; or Candace Vadnais at PFS Marketwyse 973-812-8883, ext. 430 or visit JVC’s Web site at

Preliminary Specifications:
DLA-RS2 D-ILA Home Theater Front Projector

Display device

Full HD D-ILA device

Panel size

0.7 inch x 3 (16:9)


1,920 x 1,080 pixels


X2 motorized zoom/focus lens,
f=21.3-42.6mm, F=3.2-4.3

Lens shift function

±80% vertical and ±34% horizontal

Light source lamp

200-watt ultra-high pressure mercury lamp

Native Contrast ratio


Video input terminals

HDMI x 2 (ver. 1.3)

Component x 1 (3RCA)
can also be used as a RGB terminal

S Video terminal (mini DIN4 pin) x 1

Composite x 1 (1RCA terminal)

Input signals


480i/p, 576i/p, 720p60/50, 1080i60/50, 1080p60/50/24, NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM



Control terminals

RS-232 (D-sub9 pin)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

17.9 x 6.8 x 16.5 inches (without extrusions)