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AMW Shoots World’s Most Wanted Show in London with JVC 24p Cameras

Wayne, NJ (December 3, 2007) —America’s Most Wanted, FOX’s crime-busting series, selects JVC’s GY-HD200 cameras to shoot reenactments in 24p and to prepare the show for its transition to HD.

Chris Hamilton, show producer, America’s Most Wanted discussed why they selected JVC, “We first saw the GY-HD200 at NAB and were so impressed with the camera’s form factor and interchangeable lens capability. The fact that we could shoot reenactments in 24p was one of the determining factors. This camera is an affordable way for us to capture that film-look without having to actually shoot on film. The life-like footage gives us that sense of urgency we are trying to deliver to our audience.

As a shooter/director, I love JVC’s camera because its lightweight and has an interchangeable lens. We just traveled to London to shoot a World’s Most Wanted episode for November sweeps. I can tell you that our Executive Producer was very happy with the end result. We were able to shoot with a lightweight, shoulder mountable camera that allowed us to run around all day and not struggle like we did before with our larger, heavier cameras,” said Gavin Portnoy, Producer.

Utilizing JVC’s cameras, America’s Most Wanted is able to capture reality-based shots to convey the urgency of what the show is about. With the show’s increase in the production of mini reenactments – the scenes of actors or actresses portraying the victim or perpetrator – the GY-HD200 enables AMW to produce them in and around the office.

A couple weeks ago, we had a breaking news story and we had to produce a reenactment piece an hour before the show aired. We used the GY-HD200 to shoot the reenactment in our garage. It matched with footage shot previously and integrated seamlessly into the broadcast. It looked great!” added Portnoy.

And, we’re not just using this camera for reenactments. Recently, we began a new concerted publicity effort to make the public aware of upcoming fugitive segments on AMW. We’re now utilizing the JVC camera for all of our in-house “live” shots to CNN, FOX News Channel, and MSNBC. This camera is quickly turning into a work horse for all of our production needs,” added Hamilton.

Our GY-HD200 cameras are being quickly utilized by networks and stations across the country to seamlessly and affordably transition to HD programming,” said Lawrence Librach, Vice President of JVC’s Digital Video Division.

Real depth of field to your image makes a complete difference in the quality of the overall product. Another really cool feature of the GY-HD200 is the ability to manipulate colors – all the internal settings on the camera gives us more flexibility over other cameras,” added Portnoy.

America’s Most Wanted also uses the GY-HD200s to shoot features for AMW Safety Center; a web site where people can share safety tips and discusses how you keep your family safe. The show produces features that the public can download to educate themselves on various situations in which they might find themselves.
We’re capturing footage in HD to prepare for FOX’s switch to HD. This way we’ll have archived material already available,” added Hamilton.

AMW also uses JVC’s BR-HD50U recorder/player and recently purchased Firestore’s hard disk drive to use with the GY-HD200s so that they can ingest material directly in a more file-based system. “We get a bunch of different footage from the field, especially a lot of mini DV footage from police officers or shooters in the field. We started seeing more HDV material come into the shop, and we needed an HDV deck that handled multiple formats,” added Hamilton.

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