Las Vegas, NV  (April 16, 2007) – Cinematographer and owner of Proud Line Pictures, Juan Antonio Puyol, trekked through Antarctica using JVC’s ProHD GY-HD250 to shoot an expedition of four veteran explorers and men of science en route to Vinson Massif, the highest peak in the world’s coldest desert.  The expedition brought together four of the original ten ascentionists to commemorate the American Alpine Club, National Geographic, and National Sciences Foundation-sponsored ascent 40 years after they first tackled Vinson Massif. 


Puyol chose the GY-HD250 because he wanted to shoot the Vinson Massif expedition in high definition to capture the truly breathtaking scenery.  “The visual landscape demanded more than standard definition.  I knew we would be looking at 1,000-foot high tumbling walls of ice pouring out of the Ellsworth mountain range onto the constantly moving expanse of ice below,” commented Puyol.


Puyol also needed a camera that was light enough to climb up a 16,00 foot mountain, while shooting the entire way. “Summiting with camera gear is no easy task, so I needed a light camera that wouldn’t slow me down and hold up the crew in minus 30 degree temperatures, a factor that could impact the team’s safety,” said Puyol.  “The GY-HD250 fit my requirements perfectly because of its high-quality imagery, its ability to shoot 60p, lens options and the fact that it’s remarkably lightweight.  The camera really was ideal for the expedition.  I couldn’t find any other camera to meet my demands.” 


Knowing the extremely cold temperatures and excessive winds, Puyol had a special goose-down barney made for the camera.  Fortunately for him, he only used it half the time as the camera wasn’t affected by the low temperatures.  According to Puyol, “Winds at times were strong enough to knock me over, which was enough to reduce visibility and powder myself and the camera while trying to frame up a shot.  Thankfully, the GY-HD250 proved to be well sealed.”

Puyol spent 22 days and captured 30 hours of video documenting the expedition.  The footage highlights the crew’s personal stories as scientists and mountaineers who passionately pursue their interests.


“The GY-HD250 performed exceptionally well in temperatures of minus 40 degrees with the wind chill.  I give this camera highest marks for its performance in the field,” said Puyol. “The nature of our shoot was very grueling and demanding of each member of the team.


It was a relief to have a lightweight camera for filming, while constantly on the move. The GY-HD250 is fully professional and robust enough to take everything the crew and mother-nature threw its way.”

Currently in post-production, Puyol is editing on a Mac Pro system running Final Cut 5 with an AJA Kona Lhe card and JVC’s BR-HD50 deck. 

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