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Wayne, NJ (December 20, 2007) – The Miami Dolphins purchased JVC’s ProHD GY-HD250s for HD production of its Game Day Live show and JVC’s HD100 Series cameras to capture fan action in the parking lots and throughout the stadium. The Dolphins also purchased JVC’s DM-JV600 video encoders to provide 720p HD video to its internal TV network of over 850 video monitors in the stadium.

We chose JVC because the camera’s simplicity makes setup and production of our Game Day Live TV show and roaming interviews an easy and fast operation,” said Jeff Griffith, Broadcast Director for the Miami Dolphins. “The compact shoulder form-factor enables our video crew to easily get around when they’re in the field or with the fans.”

The Dolphins use of JVC’s ProHD cameras for Game Day Live is a true testament to JVC’s high-quality, affordable HD solution. As the fastest workflow solution in the industry today, ProHD is quickly making its way into sports and broadcast stations across the country,” said Dave Walton, JVC Professional Products Company.

For the Dolphins live in-studio HD broadcast of Game Day Live, the GY-HD250s are set up in a studio configuration with JVC’s KA-HD250U studio adapter kit, which is filmed at Dolphin Stadium’s exclusive Sprint Fantasy Lounge. All the video footage that is recorded and broadcast live for game day is also used on the Dolphins Internet site.

The new Game Day Live studio configuration was designed and installed by Videoscope, a Miami-based Broadcast and Professional AV dealer and systems integrator specializing in professional sports broadcast HD solutions. 
Videoscope’s project manager Bill Craig remarked,  “JVC's new GY-HD250U Studio configuration is a full resolution HD progressive camcorder in the same native format (720p 60fps) as needed to be compatible with Dolphin Stadium.  These cameras are working in partnership with several other broadcast cameras exceeding a cost of $75k each and it is quite hard for me to see any difference in quality. The video is transmitted from the set back to the control room VIA single mode fiber optics. Using our preferred fiber optic serial digital video transmission modules, this preserves the video quality over very long distances, which was a requirement in this application.”

When the Dolphins’ video crew roams the stadium, they use JVC’s HD100 Series cameras in a wireless configuration to capture and transmit video from the stadium’s parking lot areas, the main plaza level and concourse level of the building. This coverage allows the crew to do its Fan in the Stands segments as well as live remote video interviews and roaming reporter spots.

The video crew records on tape when roaming the stadium and transmits the video images back to the Stadium Control Room for processing and use in the game on the video screens and internal video network.
The Dolphins have been using JVC's ProHD 100 Series cameras since last season and also used them during Super Bowl XLI and FedEx Orange Bowl.

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