Wayne, NJ (February 26, 2007) Filmmaker and 2007 Oscar Winner, Davis Guggenheim used JVC’s ProHD to shoot An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s global warming crisis documentary.

At the 79th Academy Awards, an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature was presented to An Inconvenient Truth.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences numbers among its members the most gifted and skilled artists and craftsmen in the motion picture world.   Its award stands alone as a symbol of superior achievement. 

Guggenheim was recently interviewed about his use of JVC’s ProHD by Corey Boutilier on  “In the process of making the movie, we traveled everywhere with Al Gore.  I took the JVC GY-HD100 on the road with me and it turned out to be the workhorse of this film.  Whether we were in a car, on an airplane flying over the North Pole or in Beijing, I had this camera under my arm whenever we were on the road.  A lot of footage in the film was shot with JVC’s ProHD camera. Sometimes we’d intercut it with 16mm film and it was flawless and beautiful,” stated Davis Guggenheim.

“We feel very privileged that our camera played a role in such an important film,” said Kirk Hirota, President, JVC Professional Products Company. 

Guggenheim commented on the ergonomics of JVC’s ProHD camera, “JVC’s ProHD camcorder has enough size to be able to put it under your arm and really control it, unlike a lot of the smaller cameras.  Additionally, the lens is beautiful and fantastic. Other smaller cameras are just not meaty enough and you can’t hold the focus and zoom in and out.  It’s nice to finally have a small camera that has a professional lens -- it’s like heaven to have a lens that you can really grab, hold and push.  It’s a wonderful camera.  All the buttons are in the right place, which is very important.”

“One of the best scenes in the movie was when we were going through security at LAX with Al Gore.   We have a minute to shoot before some security guy is going to tell us to stop.  So, you have to be able to find that button and turn the camera on quickly.  When the time came, I pulled the camera out of the bag and starting shooting and no one knew.  It’s a fantastic camera, I would shoot everything with it.”

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