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Wayne, NJ (November 29, 2007) -- Director of Photography, Robert Adams and his JVC GY-HD110 camera travel throughout Africa and the Middle East to document world events. Continually putting his JVC camera to the test, Adams shoots in torrential rainfalls, sandstorms, cyclones, extreme humidity and temperatures that reach 112-degrees.

I make my cameras work for a living!” Adams says with conviction. “I chose JVC because I needed a camera that was robust enough to stand up to the rigors of work in Africa and Afghanistan. I also chose the GY-HD110 because of the ergonomics. It feels just right on the shoulder.”

Adams was able to test drive JVC’s camera on a six-week shoot in Rwanda for Canadian film “Shake Hands with The Devil,” directed by Roger Spottiswoode whose works include “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Air America”. Because of his experience, Adams upgraded to JVC.

JVC’s GY-HD110 was chosen by the production team of “Shake Hands with The Devil” after viewing the test frames sent to them by Rodney Charters, ASC, CSC, cinematographer of Fox Television’s drama “24”, states Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager for Creation Products, JVC Professional Products Company. The GY-HD110 was subsequently used to shoot “Documenting Evil: The Making of Shake Hands with The Devil” which is currently being shown in the Canadian market.

Adams has shot several documentaries with his GY-HD110 camera including one for a Danish television about the ongoing crisis in Somalia, and another on women trading sex for fish in Malawi. He is currently working on a series of short films about AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe and documented the cyclone and floods that hit Mozambique earlier this year.

Adams commented on the Mozambique shoot, “During the floods we were operating out of a tent on the edge of the flood plain. We were powered by a little 1KvA generator and edited and charged batteries in fierce heat and intense humidity. We shot all day in heavy rainfall and the camera performed flawlessly.”

He also shot a piece about piracy on the high seas off the Kenya-Somali coast and has just returned from two-week shoot in Pakistan for YLE Finland.

Through his travels, Adams has trekked his GY-HD110 in and out of vehicles, helicopters and boats. Adams has not only exposed his GY-HD110 camera to the harshest environmental conditions, but he has also used the camera during combat operations in Somalia.
JVC’s camera performed like a trooper. I don’t have a single complaint about the camera’s operation. No drop out, no switch problems, no unexplained power-downs. It always gets the job done,” added Adams.

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