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Wayne, NJ (July 21, 2008) Award-winning children’s program, Aqua Kids, travels the globe with JVC’s GY-HD110 cameras to share its adventures with and educate young people about the importance of protecting marine life. 

Currently shooting its second season in HD, George Stover, Producer/Director of Photography, Aqua Kids discusses a typical shooting day, “We’re always out on the ocean with salt water splashing, and waves crashing, and sometimes up to our waists shooting in water.  And not once, over the two years that we’ve been using JVC’s cameras, have we had any kind of head clog due to moisture or humidity.  We shoot in some of the most extreme conditions.  I’m really impressed with the durability of JVC’s cameras,” said Stover.

Stover initially bought JVC’s GY-HD110s to shoot a pilot for Discovery Channel called Stuart Cove’s Great Shark Shootout.  “We just loved the quality of the footage and the editing process was seamless.  So we went ahead and shot Aqua Kids with it,” he added.  “The image is amazing.  We love the cameras because they are lightweight and compact, which is perfect for us since we shoot on location throughout the world.  But what really sold us on the GY-HD110 was the lens.  JVC has a real lens, unlike a lot of other cameras that have a little piece of plastic on the front.”  

Aqua Kids is shot on mini DV HD tapes and edited in HD. Stover explains his philosophy on recording to tape, “I am a believer that you should always have a tape because you can put the taped footage on the shelf and it’s always there to use as a back-up.  I’m really glad JVC developed a camera that has tape capability in HD.  A lot of cameras with little drives and the little disks aren’t as reliable.  If the hard drive melts down, you’ve lost everything.  Having the tape option is a real plus.”  Aqua Kids also uses JVC’s BR-HD50 ProHD deck and edits in Final Cut Pro 6.

Stover added, “We will be ready in February when it’s mandated that everything be broadcast in HD.  Right now, we bring it down to 16x9 standard definition for broadcast.  The HD transition will be seamless for us.”

With 26 episodes per season, Aqua Kids shoots about three hours of footage per episode.  A fan of the IDX V-Mount battery, Stover said, “We literally shoot at least two hours of tape before changing batteries, which is fabulous.” 

Aqua Kids airs on 184 stations throughout the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and on several international networks.  For more information on Aqua Kids, visit 

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