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JVC Demonstrates 3D LCD Monitor at DV Expo West
46-Inch Large, 1-1/2 inches (39mm) Thin Display Provides Rich Visual Experience

Pasadena, CA, September 23, 2009 – JVC Professional Products, division of JVC U.S.A. introduces its flicker-free 46-inch 3D LCD monitor at DV EXPO WEST.  The GD-463D10 is 1-1/2 inches (39mm) thin and uses JVC’s unique high-quality 3D visual engine to deliver a natural, flicker-free visual experience. 

The GD-463D10 provides flicker-free 3D images by adopting the Xpol polarizing filter method and battery-free passive circular polarizing filter glasses. Video input is compatible with industry standard line-by-line and side-by-side 3D formats. JVC’s unique 3D decoder translates images into the optimal Xpol display format wit subtle gradations and shades of color.

Primary Features of JVC’s GD-463D10:

1. Attractive high gloss cabinet houses all electronics including the 3D decoder/formatter. Its 46 inch display offers a wide viewing angle permitting stunning off-axis 3D viewing. JVC’s unique high-quality 3D visual engine reproduces high-quality images befitting this new era of wide, high-resolution displays. The compact 1-1/2 inches (39mm) depth allows for greater flexibility in the layout of 3D visual environments.

2. The GD-463D10 is compatible with the industry standard line-by-line and side-by-side 3D video formats which can be delivered through normal transmission channels, Blu-ray, or internet streaming.

3. The Xpol polarizing filter method offers a more comfortable and stable 3D viewing experience. Left-eye and right-eye information is constantly displayed, so there is no need to use strobing glasses that switch between left/right images. The GD-463D10 includes two pairs of battery-free, light polarizing glasses.

4. The GD-463D10’s three HDMI input terminals are compatible with standard HD video signals, including 1080/24p, 50p, 60p, 50i and 60i. Input signals in line-by-line or side-by-side format can be displayed as 3D images (50i and 60i for side-by-side format only).

The GY-463D10 has a suggested list price of $8,995 and is currently available.

JVC U.S.A., headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Ltd. JVC distributes a complete line of video and audio equipment for the consumer and professional markets. For further product information, visit JVC’s Web site at or call 1-800-526-5308.

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Specifications of JVC’s GD-463D10

Power Requirements



6,22 million dots (1920H x 1080V x RGB)

Contrast ratio

2,000 : 1 (Native), 10,000 : 1 (Dynamic)

Y/C separation

(3D Y/C)

Noise reduction function

(Digital NR/MPEG NR)

Color temperature

Warm / Mid / Cool

Dimensions (W x H x D) and Net Weight
With Tabletop Stand
42.16 x 28.54 x 10.82 inches; 59.3 lbs,
[1071 x 725 x 275mm; 26.9kg]

Monitor Only

42.16 x 26.77 x 2.95 inches; 50.48 lbs,
[1071 x 680 x 75mm; 22.9kg]

Viewable angle

178 degrees from top, bottom, left and right

Audio Power Output

10W + 10W

3D compatible HDMI input

3 terminals that support 1080/24p, 50p, 60p, 50i, 60i


2 pairs of polarizing glasses

- Xpol is a registered trademark of Arisawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.