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Wayne, NJ (March 31, 2009) – Providing greater precision and super fast PTZ movement (up to 400/sec), JVC’s new VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras with 36x optical zoom quickly and accurately reproduce faces or license plates from a far distance while maintaining superb optical quality.

As part of JVC’s V.Networks line-up, the VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU encompass the most cutting-edge IP camera technologies such as high image quality, MPEG-4 /Motion JPEG full-frame dual stream at 30 fps and direct drive motor mechanism for extreme accuracy of 0.03 and silent operation for surveillance applications in retail, education, medical and government.
The VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU both comply with the IEEE 802.3af industry standard of Power over Ethernet for reliable connection to IEEE 3af standard power sources. IEEE 802.3af PoE technology is widely deployed and speeds installation for video surveillance projects. JVC’s experience with PoE has been turned to an advantage as a product feature now that PoE is quickly becoming the preferred method of powering IP network cameras. JVC is the first manufacturer to develop a PTZ PoE network camera that has 36x optical zoom and endless 360 rotation with its smooth direct drive motor.

The VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU PTZ cameras are part of JVC’s well established V.Networks line-up of advanced IP-based video security products, which provide the most reliable, proven and secure surveillance solutions available. V.Networks products embody three core competencies: imaging, networking and mechanism design to deliver the world’s most advanced IP surveillance system.

The VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU extend the PoE capability to outdoor high performance Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, demonstrating JVC’s continued leadership in IP video surveillance. JVC’s V.Networks strategy is to be the first to market with the right products to meet customer demands,” said Geoff Anderson, national marketing manager for Physical Security Products, JVC Professional Products Group. “The VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU are designed and manufactured by JVC’s world class team and were built on the well established technology found in all JVC security products. The market has been demanding that every IP camera have flexible and easy to install features such as IEEE 3af standard PoE. JVC delivers PoE capability in both indoor and outdoor commercial grade PTZ platforms.”

The VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU PTZ cameras can be powered through Ethernet connection and provide continuous 360-degree rotation delivering fast and precise operation with a speed range of 0.04 to 400 degrees per second and accuracy within 0.03 degrees. 100 preset positions are available. Additionally, the silent direct drive motor in both models provides quiet operation so the cameras are virtually undetectable.

The VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU are equipped with a powerful 36x optical zoom (32x digital zoom) capability and intelligent auto-tracking function to detect and track a moving object instantly and automatically, providing the most precise details. These true day/night cameras provide excellent image quality in low light situations, achieved with the IR cut filter to deliver images in light levels as low as 0.04 lux.

The VN-V688BU and VN-V686WPBU utilize a powerful -inch progressive output CCD with 380,000 pixels. A full motion dual stream codec delivers both MPEG4 and M-JPEG VGA streams simultaneously at 30 frames per second.

JVC's unique Hot-Swap functionality gives the installer the ability to swap out the camera head while keeping the digital hardware in place maintaining camera presets and connection to the network for seamless maintenance. The hot-swap camera head provides One-touch-lock for quick de-installation and maintenance of the camera head.  In addition, JVC’s plug and play platform significantly reduces installation time.

JVC Professional Security Division Brand *V.Networks - Reliable, Proven, Secure
V.Networks products combine legendary picture making experience with state of the art IP video surveillance. JVC V.Networks brand delivers the highest quality video cameras with guaranteed recording. Our cameras are always on — assuring our customers they won’t miss anything. V.Networks products embody the JVC technology that provides peace of mind with the highest reliability. The JVC open architecture design ensures almost any 3rd party surveillance device is compatible; you are only a network connection away from the JVC maximum security video experience.

The list price for the VN-V686BU is $2,849 and the VN-V686WPBU is $3,549. Both cameras are available now. High-resolution photos and color brochures are available on the JVC Web site at

JVC Professional Products Group, JVC U.S.A., located in Wayne, New Jersey, is a leading supplier to the video security industry with a complete line of IP network and analog security cameras, network video recorders, monitors and accessories. For more information about this, or any other JVC professional product, contact JVC at (800) 582-5825; or Steven DeRosa at PFS Marketwyse 973-812-8883, ext. 259 or visit JVC’s Web site at