DLA-RS1X featured in Award Winning Home Theater


Wayne, NJ—(January 23, 2009)—SoundVision, one of San Francisco’s top-tier home theater design and installation firms, took home a Remmie Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for the Best Home Theater Under $150,000. The centerpiece of SoundVision’s home theater “Escape” is JVC’s multiple award-winning projector, the DLA-RS1X.

The homeowner, a playwright, wanted a space where she could relax comfortably for hours to view independent films, invite friends in for deep conversations, or simply seek out solitude for creative thought. Caletti Jungsten Construction and interior designer Gary Hutton approached longtime partner SoundVision to collaborate on the project.

“We dubbed the room a home theater ‘Escape,’” says Gene Quisisem, principal designer of SoundVision. “With its vivid film-like images and low fan noise, JVC’s DLA-RS1X delivers a fantastic movie theater experience. The feeling is that you’re very comfortable when you’re inside the space. It’s very calming. It feels completely disconnected from the rest of the house—from the rest of the world.”

“Performance and value were the key factors in the choice of projector,” says Quisisem. “We evaluate dozens of different manufacturers and are always looking for the best products in every category. Across the board the JVC DLA-RS1X easily blew all the other manufacturer’s products away. In order to get anything even slightly better, one would have to spend over $20,000.”

“JVC’s DLA-RS1X was hands down the best performing product in the price range for the project,” noted Lon Mass, VP of Marketing and Communications for JVC Professional Products Company. “We’re happy that SoundVision saw the benefits that JVC could bring to this home theater haven—a phenomenal 15,000:1 contrast ratio, low fan noise, and excellent brightness for the space.”

To enhance the feeling of being set apart from the rest of the world, deep shades of blue cover all finishes in the room, including the fabric wall system which concealed in-wall speakers, and a custom sofa which seats four comfortably. A fiber optic starfield is set into the custom curved fiber-glass ceiling, offering a sensation of floating in deep space.  Planet-like pendants which hover above the sofa complete the effect.

“We wanted this space to be really clean and comfortable,” says Quisisem. “To ensure the space was not crowded we remotely located all of the hardware in an adjacent closet outside of the room, leaving a small compartment underneath the movie screen to house only the Blu-Ray DVD player by Denon.”

To help conceal the projector, Quisisem took advantage of JVC’s 80% vertical offset which allowed the DLA-RS1X to be positioned very high in the space. A Comcast HD cable receiver, B&W in-wall speakers, Parasound subwoofers, and a Viewtech screen complete the set-up. SoundVision has used JVC products in dozens of installations.

For more information and high-resolution photos of JVC’s DLA-RS1X, please visit JVC’s Web site http://www.jvc.com/pro.


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