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New Rugged, Weather-Proof JVC Everio R Camcorder Line
Includes Flagship 4K Model

Water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof and freeze-proof Everio R Series offers top quality video and high-power zoom to capture outdoor adventures.

LAS VEGAS, January 9, 2018

JVCKENWOOD Corporation elevates camcorder usability with its newest JVC Everio R Series lineup — the GZ-RY980, GZ-R560 and GZ-R460. Over the years, Everio R has transformed what a camcorder can do and where it can go, while maintaining the camcorder form factor that contributes to performance with high quality optics, high zoom ratios, and stable shooting. The GZ-RY980 reaches a new high with 4K recording. Throughout the line, the Quad-Proof structure protects from unexpected drops, splashes, rain and snow, and a built-in long-life battery enables extended shooting.

Consumers who enjoy outdoor activities are eager to share their adventures, and Everio R has evolved to meet their needs. Everio R is tough, able to withstand a drop from 4.9ft, freeze-proof down to 14˚F, and dust-proof. And since a camcorder’s worst enemy is water, Everio R models offer water resistance when submersed to a depth of 16.4ft for 1 hour or 3.3ft for 4 hours (when used in water intermittently), so they can be used while snorkelling and enjoying other marine leisure activities. Back on land, an Everio R camcorder can be placed under running water for easy cleaning after a full day outdoors. Since the long-life battery (approximately 5 hours for GZ-R560/R460; 4.5 hours in 4K or 5.5 hours in HD for GZ-RY980) is internal, it is protected from water and eliminates the risk of damaging the camcorder while exchanging batteries in bad weather. Even at home or in the back yard, the Quad-Proof design ensures the camcorder is protected against mud, puddles, and other surprises that life may have in store.

Toughness, however, is only part of the Everio R story. All models offer Full HD picture quality, and the top-of-the-line GZ-RY980 takes video recording all the way up to 4K (70Mbps) for a truly immersive viewing experience. The high-end GZ-RY980 is also equipped with a suite of quality support technologies, including the new JVC 4K GT LENS, 1/2.3” 18.9M Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor, and FALCONBRID 4K Image Processing Engine. Its zoom capabilities are 10x optical and 200x digital. Unique 4K perks include 4K Time-Lapse Recording, 8 megapixel stills captured from 4K video, and Full HD High-Speed Recording for dramatic slow motion playback. GZ-RY980 also features Dual SD card slots, external mic input, and Wi-Fi functionality using an optional adapter.

GZ-R560/R460 feature a KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS with high-quality 40x optical zoom, 60x Dynamic Zoom, 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor, and FALCONBRID image processing engine. All three models offer 24Mbps High bit rate recording to provide a solid base for Everio R’s high quality image, K2 Technology to ensure quality sound, a Y-shaped grip belt for stable holding, and PC software for archiving and easy sharing on SNS (CyberLink PowerDirector for GZ-RY980, Everio MediaBrowser 4 for GZ-R560/R460). The GZ-R560 features AVCHD progressive recording and a built-in Auto Illumi. Light. The GZ-R460 is available in a choice of two colors. Internal memory is 32GB for GZ-R560 and 4GB for GZ-R460.

The Everio GZ-RY980, GZ-R560 and GZ-R460 will be available in late spring 2018. Pricing will be announced at that time.

GZ-RY980 Primary Features


  • 4.5H Internal Long-Life Battery (5.5H for HD mode)*1

  • 4K Video Recording (70Mbps)

  • 8 Megapixel Stills captured from 4K Video

  • 4K Time-Lapse REC

  • Full HD High-Speed Recording

  • AVCHD Progressive Recording (1920x1080/60p, 50p)

  • 1/2.3” 18.9M Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor

  • Dual SDHC/SDXC Card Slots

  • Compatible with Portable Battery*2 and USB Charging


  • 10x Optical/200x Digital Zoom

  • FALCONBRID 4K Image Processing Engine

  • Wide-Viewing Angle 3.0” Full Screen Touch Panel

  • Enhanced Advanced Image Stabilizer (for HD mode)

  • AUTO mode

  • Face Detection / Touch AE/AF

  • Recording with LCD Monitor Closed

  • K2 Technology in REC Mode

  • Connectors: HDMI/USB Standard A/USB Type-C

  • External Mic Input

  • 46mm Filter Thread

  • Y-Shaped Grip Belt

  • CyberLink PowerDirector Software (for Windows, download)

  • Color: Grey

GZ-R560 / GZ-R460 Primary Features

  • Internal Memory: 32GB (GZ-R560) / 4GB (GZ-R460)


  • 5H Internal Long-Life Battery*1

  • 40x Optical Zoom (60x Dynamic Zoom)

  • 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor

  • AVCHD Progressive Recording (GZ-R560)

  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot

  • Compatible with Portable Battery*3 and USB Charging


  • FALCONBRID Image Processing Engine

  • 10 Megapixel Stills

  • 3.0” Full Screen Touch Panel

  • Enhanced Advanced Image Stabilizer

  • Intelligent AUTO

  • Face Detection / Touch AE/AF

  • Close-up Sub-Window (GZ-R560)

  • Recording with LCD Monitor Closed

  • Time Counter Recording and Playback

  • Self Check REC/PLAY

  • Photo-Insert Recording

  • Time-Lapse REC

  • 24Mbps High bit rate Recording

  • K2 Technology in REC Mode

  • Auto Illumi. Light (GZ-R560)

  • Zoom Position Memory and Built-in Zoom Mic

  • 200x Digital Zoom

  • 1920 x 1080/60P Output

  • 37mm Filter Thread

  • Y-Shaped Grip Belt

  • Everio MediaBrowser 4 Software (for Windows) Supplied

  • Colors: Black (GZ-R560) / Black and Orange (GZ-R460)

*1 Figure is the approximate time of continuous recording if the internal battery has been fully charged, when the LED light (if available) is off, the monitor backlight is set to standard mode, and without the use of zoom function.

*2 When used with a portable battery that comes with a USB Type-C terminal or a cable with a USB Type-C plug on the end, of over 3A, 5V. 10000mAh or more is recommended. Compatibility is not guaranteed for all portable batteries.

*3 When used with a portable battery of over 1.0A, 5V and over 5200mAh. Compatibility is not guaranteed for all portable batteries.

Quad Proof Specifications

  • Waterproof: Equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529 IPX6 / IPX8

  • Dustproof: Equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529 IP5X

  • Shockproof: Clears company testing compliant with “MIL-STD-810F Method 516.5 Shock: dropping onto plywood 1-3/16" thick from a height of 4.9ft”

  • Freezeproof: Allowable operating temperatures: 14°F to 104°F

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