Caption: RiversideTV uses its two JVC GY-LS300 4KCAM cameras for ENG shoots and other projects.  RiversideTV is using its JVC KY-PZ100 PTZ production cameras for multi-camera local programming.



WAYNE, NJ (Feb. 21, 2018)JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, today announced RiversideTV, the government access channel for the City of Riverside, Calif., has purchased 10 JVC KY-PZ100 PTZ network video production cameras for multi-camera coverage of government meetings and local programming. A longtime JVC customer, RiversideTV also recently added GY-LSS300 4KCAM Super 35 cameras and GY-HM200SP sports production cameras for other projects.

With only four full-time employees, RiversideTV has to rely on small crews to produce original programming and provide coverage of government meetings. Last February, the station purchased three PTZ cameras and one RM-LP100 remote camera control to cover meetings that are held outside the fully equipped city council chambers.

According to Scott Brosious, communications supervisor for RiversideTV, the PTZ cameras are also used for other multi-camera productions, including a college sports show that is produced live in a local restaurant and bar. A three-person crew handles the three-camera shoot – one person directs, the second person handles audio, and the third uses the RM-LP100 to control the tripod-mounted cameras.

In September, RiversideTV purchased two additional JVC PTZ cameras and remote control for studio use. Brosious said a jib is not practical for RiversideTV’s small studio, so one PTZ was installed to provide a unique, high angle shot for various productions.

The second studio PTZ is dedicated to Flavor of Riverside, a local cooking show. Originally, the program was shot in a chef’s storefront, then production moved between kitchens at local fire stations for a few seasons. In 2015, when the station moved to its current facility about a mile away from City Hall, a kitchen set was built for the program. Now, one of the KY-PZ100s has been installed as an overhead camera.

Five additional JVC PTZ cameras were purchased in January, and will be permanently installed in a frequently used conference room at City Hall. Brosious said the station chose the JVC PTZ cameras because of price, picture quality, and SDI outputs that could be used with the station’s Blackmagic Design ATEM production switcher.

Beyond PTZ cameras, RiversideTV uses other recently acquired JVC cameras for a variety of projects. Its two GY-HM200SP sports production cameras with integrated graphics were originally purchased to produce more sports coverage without a production truck. However, Brosious said the cameras are also being used regularly for press conferences.

For example, the City of Riverside Fire Department hosted a press conference on the flu virus in January. A one-person crew was able to provide live coverage of the event, complete with a lower-third graphic. The JVC camera streamed live footage with integrated graphics directly to Switchboard Live, which distributed the press conference to the city’s YouTube and Facebook pages. (Regularly scheduled RiversideTV programming is available locally on cable and on the city’s website.)

In addition, two JVC GY-LS300 4KCAM Super 35 cameras housed in Zacuto rigs are used for ENG shoots and other projects. During local business spotlight interviews, one GY-LS300 is mounted on a slider to provide a moving shot while the second provides handheld footage.

We can be up and running in a matter of minutes, and it looks like you spent all day setting up a film shoot,” Brosious said. “We get that awesome DSLR depth of field look but the benefits of a regular television camera.”

Headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, JVC Professional Video is a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation. The company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of broadcast and professional video equipment, as well as D-ILA front projection systems. For more information, visit JVC’s website at or call (800) 5825825.

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Caption: In addition to coverage of government meetings, RiversideTV is using its JVC KY-PZ100 PTZ production cameras for multi-camera local programming.

Caption: RiversideTV uses its two JVC GY-LS300 4KCAM cameras for ENG shoots and other projects.