Free JVC Projector Upgrade Automatically Optimizes HDR
For User’s Home Theater Environment

New Home Theater Optimizer is part of next generation Frame Adapt HDR
through free firmware upgrade.

LONG BEACH, Calif, September 3, 2020 – JVCKENWOOD Corporation improves their Native 4K and 8K e-shift projectors with a major performance upgrade that automatically fine tunes HDR based on the specific home theater environment.

The new Theater Optimizer smart function analyzes installation characteristics to intelligently adjust tone mapping. The user simply enters screen size and gain information and the Theater Optimizer takes this data into account and adjusts a range of internal projector settings to optimize HDR performance.

JVC reinforces their leadership position in innovation and customer support by making this updated Frame Adapt HDR with Theater Optimizer available as a free firmware upgrade in November 2020 for all customers with the following models: DLA-NX5, DLA-NX7, DLA-NX9, DLA-RS1000, DLA-RS2000 & DLA-RS3000.

Updated Frame Adapt HDR

JVC originally introduced Frame Adapt HDR in October 2019 — adding dynamic tone mapping to their Native 4K and 8K e-shift home theater projectors. With the updated version, 4K HDR10 streaming, games and Blu-ray content are automatically adjusted for optimized brightness, color and detail on a frame by frame or scene by scene basis.

Color grading of HDR10 content varies depending on the source material. Optimal viewing can be difficult as the brightness of this content also varies dramatically. Using JVC’s original algorithm, Frame Adapt HDR instantly analyzes the peak brightness of HDR10 content (including Dolby Vision titles) and adjusts the optimal dynamic range in real time. All HDR10 related picture settings are automatically fine-tuned for the best on-screen image with no need for user adjustment.

Theater Optimizer:

Each projection home theater environment is unique, as is each projector. Image brightness varies from system to system, and changes over time. JVC’s new Theater Optimizer is a smart function that addresses these distinct characteristics.

Theater Optimizer allows the integrator or user to input the screen size and gain information, which varies depending on the theater design, and then calculates installation information such as lens zoom position, and lamp condition and settings. It then automatically adjusts the projector for optimum tone mapping and brightness. By adding this function to Frame Adapt HDR, JVC allows each user to enjoy HDR10 content matched to the viewing environment without complicated manual adjustments.

18-bit level gamma processing is maintained while the feature is in use, bringing out deeper blacks in darker scenes, and higher peak whites in brighter scenes, along with the most realistic color, to reproduce high precision images with smooth gradations.

In response to user requests, the upgrade offers newly added settings and improved menu operations with this firmware update. Frame Adapt HDR brightness adjustment has been increased to five steps (previously three steps), and users can choose the picture mode according to input signals.

Complicated individual manual settings that were required in the past are now eliminated. With the newly added functions, users can easily enjoy powerful HDR images with these JVC projectors.

Firmware Upgrade Summary:

1. Theater Optimizer smart function, analyzes the usage environment for each user, and displays HDR content with optimum brightness.*

2. New Settings & Menu Structure

(1) Brightness levels settings are increased to five steps for the Frame Adapt HDR function
(was previously three steps).

(2) New Content Type menu, which displays usable Picture Mode based on each input signal.
Only the Picture Mode matching the input signal can be selected, preventing image distortion due to gamma and color gamut mismatch.

(3) Function which automatically switches to the optimal Color Profile according to the color gamut information of the content.

(4) Added Auto Pic. Mode Select function transitions according to each input signal (SDR/3D/HDR10/HLG).

(5) Picture Mode for Panasonic's Ultra HD Blu-ray player DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player.
Added Picture Mode, which allows easy and optimized connection without individual manual settings.

(6) Improved JVC Calibration Software

*Theater Optimizer function is valid only in "Frame Adapt HDR" picture mode.

Overview of Firmware Upgrade:
  • Firmware release date: Mid-November 2020
  • Supported products: DLA-NX5, DLA-NX7, DLA-NX9, DLA-RS1000, DLA-RS2000, DLA-RS3000
  • Content: Free of charge firmware Version 3.50
  • How to upgrade: Upgrade is possible with the file downloaded from the support website.

Notes on Firmware Upgrade:
Check the following items before executing the firmware update.
  • This firmware is intended for users with firmware "Ver 3.49 or earlier".
  • After updating the firmware, you cannot revert to the previous version. In addition, each setting is reset to the factory default settings. Please perform firmware update only when you need new features.
  • For details, please refer to the above support page (download site).

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