JVC Joins With Lumagen and Deep Dive AV
To Create The Ultimate 4K Home Theater

LONG BEACH, Calif., May 13, 2020 – Underscoring its commitment to deliver the best possible home theater experience, JVC has teamed up with video processor specialist Lumagen, and professional calibration company Deep Dive AV, to recommend a home theater package that delivers stunning, unparalleled 4K performance.

The heart of the package is the JVC DLA-RS4500 4K home theater projector that features native 4K D-ILA imaging chips, a 3,000-lumen laser light source, and a high resolution all-glass lens developed specifically for the DLA-RS4500. The projector is paired with a Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor, calibrated and configured by Deep Dive AV specifically for the JVC projector and the user’s home theater screen material. Key among several benefits the Lumagen processor provides is true scene-by-scene, and frame-by-frame, dynamic tone mapping for 4K HDR material.

Our DLA-RS4500 has been widely praised as the best home theater projector on the market and we’re committed to ensuring that customers get the highest level of performance possible from it,” said Fred Zecha, General Manager, Custom Installation Sales, JVCKenwood USA Corporation. “That’s what led us to recommend the Lumagen processor as the ideal companion to the RS4500, especially when configured by Deep Dive AV specifically for our projector and the user’s preferred screen.”
The Lumagen processor provides six key benefits when used with the JVC DLA-RS4500:
  1. Dynamic Tone Mapping for 4K HDR material – Dynamically analyzes HDR images on a frame-by-frame basis and automatically adjusts the brightness and color to optimize HDR performance for each scene, and each frame.
  2. Superior 4K Upscaling – Lumagen is renowned for the quality of their No-Ring™ scaling.
  3. Advanced Calibration Capability – Allows for comprehensive 1D and 3D LUT calibration to extract the best possible performance from the JVC projector and any input source.
  4. Custom sizing and aspect ratio geometry controls for optimal display of all content.
  5. Auto Aspect Ratio Selection for UltraWide Screens – Properly display any aspect ratio within the UltraWide screen automatically, preserving the source’s intended aspect ratio.
  6. Non-Linear Stretch – Automatically adjusts 16:9, and higher, aspect ratio sources to fill an UltraWide screen.
When we were evaluating projectors for our Lumagen Demo Theater, we looked at a number of brands and models. The combination of its laser light source, excellent contrast ratio, and full resolution 4k using an all-glass 100 mm lens system, made the JVC DLA-RS4500 the clear choice for us. When combined with Radiance Pro processing, and calibration by Deep Dive AV, our JVC DLA-RS4500 provides the Lumagen Demo Theater with exceptional picture quality for all content,” said Lumagen President Jim Peterson.

To optimize the performance of a JVC/Lumagen system JVC recommends Deep Dive AV, a professional calibration service with extensive experience with both JVC projectors and Lumagen processors. Deep Dive AV consults with the customer and configures the processor for the user’s projector and screen to create a system tailored to each user’s specific set up.

Deep Dive AV’s goal is to optimize the visual experience through advanced calibration and comprehensive system setup. The Deep Dive AV-JVC/Lumagen combination provides the best of both worlds: stunning picture quality and minimal operator intervention. Simply turn the system on, select an input, sit back and enjoy,” said Kris Deering, owner/operator, Deep Dive AV.

The JVC DLA-RS4500 is the company’s top-of-the-line home theater projector. It combines a JVC-developed native 4K D-ILA device with the company’s proprietary BLU-Escent laser phosphor light source that delivers a brightness level of 3,000 lumens and 20,000 hours of operational life. In addition, the laser light source offers dynamic light source control for the highest contrast available. The 100mm lens was developed in conjunction with the 4K D-ILA device and is an 18-element, 16-group all glass lens with full aluminum lens barrel.

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About Lumagen, Inc.
Lumagen is a privately held video systems product company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, where it designs and manufactures video processing equipment for home theaters. Lumagen provides solutions for video switching, calibration, deinterlacing, scaling, auto aspect control, and dynamic tone mapping for HDR content. Together these allow integrators and enthusiasts to provide the best quality and most accurate video images for home theater installations, so they can “See what the Director intended™.” Learn more at http://lumagen.com/.

About Deep Dive AV
Deep Dive AV is located in the Greater Seattle Area and offers a wide selection of audio and video services worldwide to both consumers and industry professionals. Services include video and audio calibration, product development, product testing, and training. Learn more at https://www.deepdiveav.com/.

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